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Find out 3 fun ways to use different Tombow Pencils. #tombow #planner 1
Hi Tombow friends, this is Jennie and I’m sharing three ways to use Tombow Pencils. Tombow has a few different pencils: the Tombow MONO Drawing Pencil, the Tombow MONO J Drawing Pencil, and Tombow MONO Graph Mechanical Pencils.   #1: Lettering: Supplies: Tombow MONO Drawing Pencils Notebook or paper Lettering […]

Three Fun Ways to Use Pencils

How to Draw a Peony by Jessica Mack on behalf of Tombow 1
Hi, Jessica from BrownPaperBunny here to show you how to draw a peony. They’re one of my favorite flowers, and if you’re here, I’m betting they’re one of yours too. Here’s what you’ll need to follow along. Supplies: Tombow MONO Drawing Pencils (4H and H) Drawing paper Tombow MONO Eraser […]

How to Draw a Peony