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Hello friends, it’s Smitha here, and today let’s write an Autumn Hand Lettered Quote together. I live in Minnesota, where fall is as beautiful as spring with all of the colorful leaves lining the avenues. It is so colorful and I was inspired by this season to create a quote page in my sketchbook.

Material list:

Autumn Hand Lettered Quote Tutorial

Step One:

I love using the Dual Brush Pen, 10-Packs for lettering quotes because the colors are all hand-picked to be co-ordinated. I’m using the Dual Brush Pen, Muted, 10-Pack today for this beautiful Autumn Quote. I chose 7 colors from the pack for this quote.

Step Two:

For a simple but colorful quote, try lettering each line with a different color of Dual Brush Pen. Use a brush lettering style, where you press the brush pen tip down to create thicker calligraphy-style writing.

Step Three:

Continue in this manner to hand letter your entire quote. I love how beautiful these colors look together.

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Step Four:

You can further decorate your quote with simple leaf drawings. I used a pencil to sketch in my leaf shapes before using the bullet tip of the Dual Brush Pens to draw the leaf outlines.

Step Five:

Finally, I added a little more shading to each of the alphabets with tiny tiny dots. This is an easy step, but decorates the quotes and elevates it to the next level.

And here is how the final quote looks on the page, it is so colorful and vibrant!

I hope you enjoyed this Autumn Hand Lettered Quote tutorial friends! I will see you again soon with another tutorial.

Happy Crafting!


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