Watercolor Snowflake Tutorial 2

Hello friends! I’m Smitha, and today let’s paint together. Winter is here, and I’m sharing a simple Watercolor Snowflake Tutorial that you can easily recreate in your sketchbooks. There are so many ways to paint a snowflake, it is a great creative exercise.

Watercolor Snowflake Tutorial - painted snowflakes


Watercolor Snowflake Tutorial - supplies needed

Step 1:

A snowflake has a symmetrical shape that is easily recognizable. To make sure that your design is in the center of your sketchbook page, using the MONO Graph Mechanical Pencil, lightly draw a snowflake. This pencil draws fine delicate lines that is easily erasable later if needed.

Watercolor Snowflake Tutorial- sketch a snowflake

Step 2:

Using the brush tip of Dual Brush Pens, trace over the pencil snowflake. To create a truly unique watercolor snowflake use two or three different markers to create interest. I like creating whimsical illustrations and added a pop of pink to my snowflake here.

Watercolor Snowflake Tutorial - marker snowflake

Step 3:

Using the Water Brush, lightly paint over the marker lines. The Dual Brush Pens have ink that is water based, and will react with the water and create a beautiful watercolor effect. Add just enough water to create the watercolor snowflake look, but not too much water that all the different marker colors blend into a muddy color. Try not to overmix.

Watercolor Snowflake Tutorial - paint over marker with water

Step 4:

Using the brush tip of the Dual Brush Pen, you can go in and add more details and colors to your snowflake. Paint over with the Water Brush again to blend and soften the colors to complete your watercolor snowflake!

Watercolor Snowflake Tutorial - add more color to snowflake

You can create these simple watercolor snowflakes in any colorway of your choice! You need only 1 to 4 Dual Brush Pen colors to create a truly unique illustration in your sketchbooks!

Watercolor Snowflake Tutorial - finished snowflake illustrations

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I hope you enjoyed this Watercolor Snowflake tutorial and are inspired to create something yourself today friends! Happy Crafting!



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