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PINK PAISLEE WEEK, keep the comments coming! I love clipboards! I tend to be a bit obsessed with having them hanging around my office so I can quickly grab them to use while taking garden notes outside or for planning, sketching or doodling on my lap when sitting out on the deck or watching TV.  When I saw the ravishing paper and embellishments from the Pink Paislee Queen Bee Collection I knew I wanted to embellish yet another clip board.

To cover a clipboard with decorative paper you need two essential tools; a sanding block and MONO MULTI Liquid Glue. A bone folder is also handy. I really like the wooden clipboards from Walnut Hollow. The hardware can be easily removed for easy covering of the board.  Cut the paper pieces slightly larger than the board and use the wide applicator end of the Liquid glue and cover the back of the paper lightly with glue. Use the bone folder to burnish down the layers of paper and crease the excess paper down at the edges. When dry, hold the sanding block at a 45° angle and ‘cut’ the excess paper away by sanding. This gives a beautiful flush edge. Replace the hardware and add decorative accents, gluing down with the MONO MULTI. The glue is very strong and even embellishments glued to the hardware hold fast, even with heavy use.

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