Monthly Archives: November 2010

how about something cute and portable to keep your holiday shopping organized… this project has stumped me more than any other project…and I can name several others that got me! my assignment was “shop til you drop”. so my first thought was…layout? but how many of us take cameras with […]

hello black friday!

do you ever have one idea that turns into another, and then another, until you are left with something that only slightly resembles what you intended to create? that is exactly what happened with my project with my bella blvd loot. i got a box full of “hello beautiful” product […]

Bella Blvd Calendar

Not only are Dual Brush Pens beloved by paper artists, scrappers, comic designers, illustrators and graphic artists – they are also are a favorite for tattoo artists! They are used for freehand sketches before the actual tattoo process. My daughter Lena came to me rather late with her tattoo request […]

Tattoo Fun