Colored Zendala Tiles by Marie Browning 5

The Zentangle folks have done it again! These new, beautiful round ‘Zendala’ Tiles are so much fun to tangle and color! Coloring them with Tombow Dual Brush Pens could not be easier!

All the Zendala Tiles shown here were done using the Jewel Dual Brush Pen Set, which includes 10 pens, one being a colorless blender. There are many different coloring techniques and special effects you can use, and they are all featured in my book Time to Tangle in Color. Happy Tangling!

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5 thoughts on “Colored Zendala Tiles by Marie Browning

  • Jennie

    Wow!! these are so beautiful!! I LOVE drawing in pen but I don’t add color often, I definitely have to buy your book :0)

  • Marie Browning Post author

    The texture is done with the Tombow markers and a technique using salt. After adding the color, use a water brush and wet down the area. Immediately sprinkle on some salt (sea salt, ordinary table salt, or margarita salt!) Let it dry and then brush away. It will leave a beautiful mottled effect. Actually, your tangles turn out better while drinking a Margarita! Happy tangling!