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Around the holidays, large candy bars and boxes of candy are available for about a $1 each at most discount stores like Target and Walmart. My family loves to dress these up with a few supplies from your stash for a thoughtful gift that does not break the bank.  My kids and I made 20 of these for the baristas at Starbuck’s one year. Total cost was $20 for 20 gifts! Not too shabby. Here’s how to make them:



Measure the candy bar and cut your paper to 2x the width of the bar + about 1” and the length of the bar – 1”. My bar measured 7” x 4” so I
cut the paper to 6” x 10”.

Apply a line of Tombow Power Bond adhesive to the 10” sides of the paper (on the back) and add the borders. This strong adhesive will hold the paper despite any exposure to humidity or heat (hanging on the mantle in a stocking) before the gift is given. You can also substitute lace for the paper borders if you would like.

Place the wrapper around the candy bar to see if it fits.

If the paper wrapper on the bar is showing from under the punch borders (or lace), then remove the paper from the bar but leave the foil on.

Once you are sure the wrapper will fit around the candy bar, apply adhesive to the paper. Set the bar in the middle of the paper, face down, wrap the ends of the paper around the bar so they meet or overlap in the back.

 Wrap a ribbon around the middle of the bar and tie in a bow to one side. Add stickers and embellishments to the ribbon using Tombow Foam Tabs to add dimension.

 What inexpensive gift would you dress up with some of your scrapbooking stash? Please leave us a comment sharing your idea! Thanks for stopping by today!!

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