Star Joy Banner by Debbie Fisher 21

Today is my turn to post for the Fancy Pants/Tombow Blog Hop. I have been a huge fan of Fancy Pants Designs for a very long time.

I was inspired by THIS pin on Pinterest to make this star Joy banner. The stars were cut with Cutting Cafe’s new 3D Star Set. The rosettes are made from Tim Holtz dies using designer paper from Fancy Pants Designs’ “Oh Deer” designer paper pack. This pack is filled with lots of fun goodies!

IMG_0328 (900x675)

I used Tombow’s Mono Glue Stick, Xtreme Adhesive and Power Tabs.

IMG_0329 (900x675)

IMG_0330 (900x675)

IMG_0331 (900x675)

Thank you Fancy Pants Designs for all the fun goodies. Now be sure to visit the Tombow and Fancy Pants Designs blogs again tomorrow for more inspiration and leave a comment for a chance to win the prizes shown below.

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21 thoughts on “Star Joy Banner by Debbie Fisher

  • Christina Webber

    Okay, okay, I’ll take it, if you insist! LOL (?) What a great giveaway! Thanks so much! I love your products!

  • marylouh (Mary Holshouser)

    The banner is so pretty. I used the micah flakes on a project and have them all over the house.
    they do make a nice look on our projects.
    thanks for sharing a wonderful banner.

  • Maria

    This is a really cute and festive banner! The only think I think I would have done differently is make the letters in the work JOY a more “poppie” color. I didn’t see them at first. The project is very beautiful and thanks for sharing!!
    Big Hugs!

  • Hijos

    Good morning Nina:) I think I meissd your birthday so is a Belated Happy Birthday to you!!! Did you get some card supplies? The family know exactly what to get me for birthdays or Christmas.LOL Tombow markers??? I will have to ask Christy about those.I bet she has some though.She has just about everything you can think of..even the Cuttlebug now.LOL She is still making pretty boxes.:) I will have to post some of the things she has made lately.:) Your cards are sooo PRETTY!! Thanks again for sharing how you do them and the supplies you use.:) Have a wonderful day!!Hugs,Valinda


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