How to make easy word boxes in mixed media with correction tape 1

Torn book page background using Aqua Glue

Hello! It’s Marie Browning here, Tombow’s Signature Designer. Today I’m going to show you how to use Tombow’s NEW MONO Air Correction Tape to make easy word boxes for your next mixed media or art journaling project.

Step 1: Create the background

I created a background with torn book pages and Tombow MONO Aqua Liquid Glue. Use the broad applicator brush and apply glue to the journal page and over top the page pieces. Let it dry completely.

Add word boxes to your art journal with correction tape

Step 2: Add the word boxes

Decide on your quote or saying and add one box per word using the MONO Air Correction Tape. Size the word boxes to fit the word. Don’t worry if the page is a bit bumpy or uneven, MONO Air goes over uneven or rounded surfaces with ease and a light touch. This is the first correction tape using flexible resistance from beginning to end; which means, it’s easy to use! I like that there is no drying time and it provides a smooth, skip-free application. It’s also ultra compact, so I can throw it in my pencil pouch and take with me!

writing on correction tape word boxes

Step 3: Fill in the boxes

Add your words to the correction tape boxes with a black inked pen. I used my beautiful Zoom 505 SW Rollerball Pen. I also outlined the boxes so they popped off the page. Any black pen will do!

shading word boxes with gray Dual Brush Pen

Step 4: Add shadows

This step is optional, but really adds depth and interest to your page. To make the boxes look they are floating on the page, add a shadow using the Cool Grey 7 – N55 Dual Brush Pen.

easy word boxes in mixed media with correction tape

Here’s the finished page – look at the bottom left…I found my name in the text so I simply used the MONO Air Correction Tape to segregate and highlight the section!

correction tape word boxes using correction tape

Here’s another example of word boxes with the MONO Air Correction Tape. Boxes were done on a Dual Brush Pen splash background and words added with both the brush tip and fine tip of the Dual Brush Pen

Let me know if you make word boxes in your journal!

Tombow Signature Designer Marie Browning

Marie Browning, Tombow Signature Designer

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