Three Ways to Add Some Fun to Your Summertime Mail 1

Hi everybody! It’s Bonnie from Archer and Olive. To spread a little cheer this summer, I’ve decided to start sending more handwritten letters. What’s more fun than getting a beautifully decorated envelope in the mail? Today I’m going to show you three summery ways to decorate your envelope.

Summertime Mail

You will need:


Summer is all about bright, fun colors! So of course you need to choose the perfect palette. Tombow’s TwinTone Markers (Pastel Pack) have the perfect color palette for a summer themed mail.

1. Decorate the Recipient’s Address

Summertime Mail

Add some fun summertime illustrations to the recipient’s address. Make their name stand out with big, bright letters. Use the fine tip of the TwinTone Markers to write or letter the address.


2. Add a Fun Liner

Summertime Mail

Using a your Tombow TwinTone Markers, draw a fun pattern on a piece of paper. To create this pattern, simply draw a rectangle about 1cm tall across the entire page with each color in the pastel TwinTone pack (except for gray).

To make the liner, trace the outline of the envelope (flap open) on your sheet of paper, then draw a line that follows the shape about 1.5 cm on the inside. Cut out along this line.


3. Decorate the Return Address

Summertime Mail

The return address is one we don’t usually give much thought to. But you can also create some summertime illustrations on the black flap along with your return address as well. Again, use the fine point of the Tombow TwinTone Markers to write the address.

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