DT Spotlight – Sarah and her scrap-tangle 6

“tangle” supplies;

Tombow MONO Adhesive Dots , Tomobw Dual Brush Pen – N15 black , Tomow White Gel Pen

the idea of the “ZENTANGLE” is interesting to me. all those doodles in
the notebooks of my college classes actually have a name now! well, unfortunately i am
not much of a doodler now, but i took inspiration from the zentangle
and put it toward my scrapbooking.

this layout was inspired by the doodling now called zentangle. Both the pattern paper blocks on the page and the title were a result of the research i have done concerning zentangle. the result is a fun technique that fits my style.  i’m coining my own phrase and calling it a “scrap-tangle”!

using coordinating pattern papers (all of mine came from OCTOBER AFTERNOON’s recess line) i cut (mostly) straight lines from one of the pattern papers. then using the other coordinating patterns i filled in a 4″ square piece of white cardstock. the final result is similar to the different doodling one might do with they were creating their own zentangle.

*tips* (because i tried this three different ways)

*you can doodle a zentangle first.
i took my 4″ square piece of white cardstock and drew directly on it first.
then using a piece of vellum i laid it over the design and traced it.
next i flipped the piece of vellum over onto the pattern paper i wanted to use and re-traced the lines on the back side of the vellum.
this will transfer the lead from the front side of the vellum to the pattern paper.
now you have a guide to cut out your shapes out of patterned paper.
a suggestion with this method – number each piece that is traced on the vellum AND on the pattern paper. so when all of your pieces are cut out you can fit it together like a puzzle with a pattern.

*another way to do this is to use scraps pieced together

generously apply adhesive to the background you want to use, again mine was the 4″ square, and then apply pattern paper. i used the Tombow MONO dot runner, as it is a little more forgiving if the pieces need to be adjusted.
then after laying down the background pieces i covered the seams, where the pattern papers came together, with the bold strips.

*keep all of your “bold” strips the same pattern paper. it will keep a cohesive feel to the final piece.

*try to make your bold lines wavy, not always straight

*use your Tombow Dual Brush Markers and ink the edges of the pieces being put together. it makes the “scrapped zentangle” have more definition.


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