“No-Sew” Fabric Embellishments By Marie Browning 2

Here are some easy no-sew fabric
embellishments that can be made with Tombow’s MONO Multi and MONO Aqua liquid glues.

Chipboard Flower – Start with a simple shape, like this large blossom chipboard tag from Bazzill, and use MONO Aqua Liquid Glue to glue on the fabric. Cut the fabric around the edge leaving a ¼” overhang of fabric. Let dry a few minutes and fray the excess fabric by pulling out threads with your fingers. Covering a 1” cardstock circle with the MONO Multi Liquid Glue makes the center ruffle. Let the glue dry completely and then finger ruche the fabric strip around the edge. Attach the ruffle and center with Power Tabs and add decorative pins and a cord to finish.


Fabric Rosette – Punch out a 1” cardstock circle and cover with MONO Multi Liquid Glue. Let the glue dry completely and then finger ruche the fabric strip around the edge. The center is a flattened bottle cap and clear cabochon from The Bottle Cap Company. They are all glued together with MONO Multi and Power Tabs. Decorate with a decorative pin and stamped paper strips edged with Dual Brush Pens.



Ruffled Edge – This ruffled edge on cardstock is created with the MONO Multi Liquid Glue. Simply apply the glue onto the page in a ½” thick strip and let dry completely. The fabric is then ‘messy pleated down the dry but sticky glue. I then add a little MONO Multi to both ends to make sure the ruffle does not come off the page.

Wrinkled Fabric Panels – You can also create wrinkled fabric panels that are not glued to the paper. This allows you to create interesting panels that keep the wrinkled shape and attached anywhere on your page or card design. 


    Wrinkled Panel Step 1

                                                                                               Work on a silicon mat, like the Splat
Mat from Bazzill. Apply a thin coating of MONO Liquid Glue onto the mat using the broad applicator.

     Wrinkled Panel Step 2

Place the fabric panel into the glue and apply a top layer of glue. Use your finger to smooth out the glue. You can choose to leave the fabric panel

smooth, let it dry and then peel of the mat and glue to your surface, or follow the next step for a wrinkled panel.







Wrinkled Panel Step 3

You can also wrinkle the fabric up and then let it dry. The photo shows what it looks like before the glue has dried. Peel
it off the mat and you now have a matte finish, wrinkled piece of fabric that will keep its shape. Use Tombow Aqua, Multi or Permanent Adhesive to attach to your cardstock.

tuned to the blog for more fabric embellishments

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