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I love going to gift shops and markets to find unique treasures. I see fabulous wonderful items and I often think, “I can make that!”. Browsing Pinterest creates the same reaction–how many projects have you thought you would/could/should make from Pinterest?

This altered star is a mish mash of ideas I have seen all over crossed with an affinity I have for stars. I have several large metal stars around my house and when I saw the “Star, 5 Point 3-D” Sizzix die I had to have it!!

I created the base from chipboard using the die and Tombow Mono Adhesive Power Bond.  This strong adhesive is perfect for chipboard and will hold up against gravity in the years to come.  A little paint, a few elements from Canvas Corp’s kraft patterned paper, and some bits and pieces all came together to make a shabby piece, perfect for decorating my mantle.  The trick to decorating a piece like this is using an adhesive that will resist gravity for years to come.

Since this piece was going to be hanging somewhere that people could examine it up close, it was imperative that the adhesive be virtually invisible. I used Tombow Power Tabs to adhere most of the elements to the star — not only do the Power Adhesive Tabs give the embellishments dimension, they are crystal clear. For added dimension, fold a Power Tab in half onto itself for a double thick 3D effect.

Finally, I attached chandelier crystal to the bottom of the star for a blingy, sun catcher. I set the ribbon the star hung from on a candle stick and set a 3″ wide candle on top to hold it in place. The crystals catch the light from the burning candle and set the walls aglow!


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