snowflake tree….by melissa cash 2

Hello!  This is ABC week for the Tombow team and my project this week is a cute little tree made from wine bottle corks.
The tree was very easy to create with just a few supplies.
You will need to gather 13 corks (I ask people to save them for me) and several strips of coordinating print papers.  I cut the strips into 1 1/4″ x 3 1/4″ and wrapped each strip around a cork and used Tombow Mono Multi to adhere the ends.  You will need to do this for 11 of the 13 corks.  I used a glue gun to attach corks together to form the shape of a tree.  For the trunk of the tree, I put a line of Tombow Mono Multi onto the back of one of the corks and wrapped twine around and held it in the back for a minute until the adhesive set.  Attach trunk to tree with glue gun.  Next, I dripped some of the Tombow Mono Multi down the front side of the tree and sprinkled some Art Institute Ultrafine Crystal glitter to create some snow.  After the glitter was dry, I added some snowflake punchies to the tree with Tombow Power Tabs.  I cut the Power Tabs into smaller pieces so that you could not see them behind the snowflakes.  To finish the tree off, I used a larger snowflake and button at the top of the tree.
These are the Tombow products used:


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