Fun lettering with Dual Brush Pens by Marie Browning


I am a huge fan of hand lettering, and especially fun lettering created with Dual Brush Pens! The ‘EMBRACE’ panel is created by outlining the letters with the fine tip, and then shading them in with the brush tip. After you let the colors dry, designs are added in with the fine tip as well as the lettering underneath. This panels used colors from the new ‘Bright’ Dual Brush  Pen 10 set.


This ‘THANKS’ panel shows how the brush tip can make beautiful letters! The double-loading of colors with the pens gives the subtle shading from brown to orange. This panels used colors from the new ‘Muted’ Dual Brush  Pen 10 set. I also added the wheat doodle-dab for a autumn accent.


To create the wheat DoodleDab, draw the stems with the fine tip. Add the wheat kernels using a ‘dabbing’ motion with the brush tip. The beards are added next to each kernel  with the fine tip. The brush tip is perfect for creating the strokes for the leaves and using pressure to go from wide to narrow thicknesses.

Look for my new book, ‘Brush Marker Magic’, from Design Originals for more DoodleDab and lettering  fun!

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