Doodle While You Listen – Font Doodling – Lettering Week with Jennifer Priest

Lettering and drawing is one of the things I really want to improve this year. One of the keys to learning how to do something new or improving a skill is to set aside time to practice.  I’ve also seen research that states that doodling while listening to a lecture or during a meeting will help you to retain information better. I combined these two ideas to give myself time to letter by doodling, drawing, and lettering quotes and ideas from podcasts I listen to. This technique is called “font doodling”, which is basically doodling words in different fonts. That’s kind of what lettering is too, except that lettering  is done more intentionally. At any rate, this method is helping me to learn and to produce fun quote art at the same time!

You can doodle with a pencil and paper but   To get started with font doodling, you’ll need the following supplies:

Font Doodling



Use font doodling to ease into the art of lettering and to help you retain information better while listening to a lecture, conference call, or podcast. Here’s how I doodled this particular quote from a recent podcast I heard:

Here are some of the lettering and “font doodling” projects I have shared on Instagram:

Will you be trying font doodling soon? Let us know in the comments section!

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