Mixed Media hot glue art made easy 3

Welcome back to our Mixed Media art week. I’ve become a fan of this style of art, but always think it looks harder than it usually is. The technique I’m sharing today is one I’ve wanted to try out for a while now. I paired it with my tissue paper technique to create a fun 8×10 canvas. You’ll just need a few items:mixed media hot glue canvas


You will also need:

Tombow markers


paint brush

Shimmer spray

Here is the canvas completed. I look at it now and I want to add more to it when I have more time. Think of the possibilities though. Stamp text, bubble wrap with paint or add text with stickers, die cuts or hand cut letters.  The Shimmer shows up so much better in real life. I wish the photos did it justice.
mixed media-21 mixed media-22

Visual steps for you to create your own.

Gather your items and start by sketching your design with pencil. You can totally freehand this or just have at it with the glue. Mixed media is to be free expression.

mixed media-12 mixed media-13

Next use the hot glue to trace that design and allow it to cool for 10 minutes.

mixed media-14

Next cover your design with Aqua Liquid glue. This is when you can add the tissue paper. You will get a little messy but this add such fun texture.

mixed media-15 mixed media-16

Next choose a few colors to color the background with. Blend those colors with a brush and water making sure to get into all the creases and spaces.

mixed media-17 mixed media-18

I then heat set this and took my while ink to rub over the top. This instantly gave me the wow factor. It makes the design just pop off the colors. I then misted it with shimmer and let it dry completely like above.

mixed media-19 mixed media-20


Give this a try. I’m hoping to create a larger canvas in this same style with colorful tissue paper. Stay tuned maybe I’ll share over on my Instagram account. What do you think? I’d love to hear your comments or ideas you want to see from me.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Go get inspired.

XO, Latrice


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3 thoughts on “Mixed Media hot glue art made easy

  • Elizabeth clark

    i think it is beautiful. I wanted to ask what do you mean to heat set and explain the white ink tube you have and where do you buy those items. Will elmers glue work if not where do you get that type of glue that is used with the tissue paper, Is the tissue paper the bleeding type. Thanks

  • Ronit seman

    Hi my name is ronit
    I want to tru your this technique but i did not anderstant the last step when you say” :I then
    heat set this and took my while ink to rub over the top. This instantly”what is while ink?
    Thank ronit