Coloring Cute Gift Tags with Sweet Stamp Shop and Tombow 1

Hello There! I’m Smitha from Smiling Colors and today I am using my favorite Tombow Dual Brush pens with some Sweet Stamp Shop planner stamps to make cute gift tags!

Cute Gift Tags

I have a video tutorial that shows you how I stamped and colored all of the above tags and you can watch it by clicking the video box below or to watch the video in HD on YouTube, click HERE

These planner stamps are perfect to use in planners, but you can also use them creatively to craft handmade cards or gift tags. My favorite of all of the tags is this little guy below. I used Tombow Dual Brush pens to color the images and the colors look so vivid and bright! I love that this is a Father/Guy themed tag, those are hard to come by or create easily!


I mix and matched stamp sets, and then did a little stamp surgery of sorts to make these little girl tags here. I love how the Tombow Dual Brush pens are so colorful even on kraft cardstock! I used water on a paintbrush to spread the colors around like water colors.


For this Nurse tag, I modified her a little bit to add hearts. I simply colored in the lines, no special shading today- because the stamps and colors are so awesome very little extra work is needed.


And the final set of tags- A very simple set of anniversary tags. Champagne anyone? These stamps are so whimsical and pretty, add a touch of color and it’s done. If you have a bit more time, you can do in and add a few highlights and shadows with the Tombow Dual Brush pens to create a richer look.


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Be sure to check out the Sweet Stamp Shop blog and the Tombow’s Instagram for TONS more inspiration.

Happy Crafting!


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