Fun Words to Letter with Marie Browning 2

Who doesn’t love a fun word to hand letter? We’re so excited to introduce to you a new series our Signature Designer Marie Browning has been working on: Fun Words to Letter with Marie Browning! Marie has been hand lettering for years and is incredibly talented at finding new ways to use her lettering. Today we’re sharing the first three videos in her series, which feature uncommon words and interesting ways to hand letter them!

Fun Words to Letter by Marie Browning



Ploitering: Pretending to work when you are not actually working.



Swagever: It’s like whatever. But with swag.




Snollygoster: a shrewd person not guided by principles.


What other fun words would you like to see Marie letter? Let us know in the comments!


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2 thoughts on “Fun Words to Letter with Marie Browning

  • Diane Hunter

    I like that idea with the correction tape although I’ve never been able to write on it that well. And what a fantastic word ‘Snollygoster’. I think I know someone that I would call that.?