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Hello friends! This is Smitha here today sharing a simple few ideas to use your Mono Air Correction tape in your planners! A DIY Planner Bookmark and a quick motivational prompt are fun to make with this tape. 

First off, how cute is the Mono Air Correction tape, it comes in such a cute size and color. That pink makes me smile every time! The main way you can use this tape is to cover up your mistakes and and write over it. Hence the name Correction tape. But today I am going to use it in two other different ways and I’ll show you how.

I love to write down small goals that I want to achieve every week onto a piece of cardstock or sticky paper in my planner and then move it from week to week. I use the Mono Air Correction tape to add a little fun element to it. I lay down a few stripes of the white Mono Air Correction tape and then write my words onto the correction tape using a Mono Twin Permanent Marker. The white tape makes the black words stand out and highlights the words. I love a good black and white contrast. This would also be a really fun way to make quick lunch notes for your kids!

I also use the same Mono Air Correction tape to make a matching DIY Planner Bookmark. To make the bookmark I first doodled a design onto a piece of cardstock using the Mono Twin Permanent Marker. I chose to write a planning quote onto my bookmark, but you could write your name, the day of the week or month onto it instead. You could make a whole set of these in under 20 minutes!

To highlight the words I wanted in the quote, I added the Mono Air Correction tape over the pen doodling in a few spaces.

 I then finished writing the quote by adding the final words onto the white Mono Air Correction tape areas. Now the words ‘Good Planning’ pops our and every time I see the bookmark I am reminded how planning is good for me. DIY Planner Bookmark

I enjoyed making these planner DIYs today and I hope you had fun reading along. I’ll be back soon with a new post here in a few weeks, till then happy planning!


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