4 Tips To Letter Using Irojiten Colored Pencils

Hey Tombow friends! This is Jennie! Today, I will share with you four simple tips to letter using the Tombow Irojiten Colored Pencils. Don’t worry, you can keep using your Fudenosuke Brush Pens. You are just taking a little vacation and practicing something new!


5 Tips to Letter with Tombow Irojiten Colored Pencils. #lettering #tombow

#1: Different Tool, Same Method

I often recommend practicing pressure drills with colored pencils. They don’t fray. Keep the pencil at a 45 degree angle and put pressure on the downstrokes. Keep the upstrokes light. Remember to letter slowly and be conscious of the strokes and shapes.

#2: Add Texture

I used the color of one of the Tombow Irojiten Colored Pencils to write my word. Then, I added wispy short lines. Make sure your pencil is sharpened when adding those lines. The sharpener that comes with the Tombow Irojiten Colored Pencils is the best sharpener I’ve  ever used! Create texture on your lettering with Tombow Irojiten Colored Pencils. #lettering #tombow

#3 Mix the Media!

I love the waxy surface of the Tombow Irojiten Colored Pencils! It’s the perfect surface to use with the Tombow MONO Drawing Pens and the Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens. I started with tiny flowers. I added petals until I covered the entire word. You can also try other patterns like lines, dots, etc. Use the Tombow Colorless Blender to create smooth blending.

#4 Play with Colors!

Besides adding patterns, you can also add colors! Add layers of colors from the same family or create a galaxy effect. Use darker colors as shadows.
The waxy texture of the Tombow Irojiten Colored Pencils is perfect to use the Tombow MONO Drawing Pens on top of the word. #tombow #lettering

I love to letter with anything I find in my crafty stash but pencils do have a special place in my heart and shelf! I hope you try these out soon! Take care!

Tombow 2019 Design Team: Jennie Garcia

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