Tombow Color Palettes Inspired by Halloween Movies

Hey spooky Tombow friends, it’s Jennie! I am a big movie fan. I also love creating Tombow color palettes. So, I used my favorite Halloween movies as inspiration. I grab my Tombow Marker Case and a paper pad and I watch movies while I swatch colors. I also temporarily change the names of the colors. After November 1st, the names will be turkey related.


Corpse Bride

These Tombow color palettes do not have your traditional Halloween colors. They do have a few Halloween staples like orange, green and purple. However, the color palettes are based on movie scenes. To write the names of the palettes, I used the Tombow Fudenosuke Colors. For the numbers, I used the Tombow MONO Drawing Pen 03. Corpse Bride is a movie that starts with a grayscale palette but then Emily Watson brings a world of color starting with her appearance!

Tombow Color Palettes Inspired by the movie Corpse Bride. #tombow #tombowdualbrushpens

Hocus Pocus

In the past, Tombow had make your own Dual Brush Pen 10-Pack deals. I was inspired by those sales to make my own 10-pack! Most of the colors in this Hocus Pocus palette were inspired by the costumes. One of my favorite things about movies is costume design. So, I love to watch movies over and over so I can notice tiny details. I think this palette is my favorite out of the three.

Tombow Color Palettes Inspired by the movie Hocus Pocus. #tombow #tombowdualbrushpens


I feel like this palette could also be used for spring projects. I love the N95! It’s light enough to be used as white but it’s also noticeable.

Tombow Color Palettes Inspired by the movie Beetlejuice. #tombow #tombowdualbrushpens

I used half the colors from my Corpse Bride Set to make this little lettering piece. First, I wrote everything using Dual Brush Pen N75. Then, I added colors and blended the colors with the Tombow Water Brushes. Finally, I used the bullet tips of the Tombow Dual Brush Pens to add lines mimicking Victor’s suit and Victoria and Emily’s hair!

Tombow Color Palettes Inspired by the movie Corpse Bride. #tombow #tombowdualbrushpens

I also added shadows using the N75 Tombow Dual Brush Pen!

Tombow Color Palettes Inspired by the movie Corpse Bride. #tombow #tombowdualbrushpens

I hope you enjoyed these Tombow color palettes! Let me know which one was your favorite! Take care!

Tombow 2018 Design Team - Jennie Garcia

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