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I am so excited to be sharing my first post with you here on the Tombow USA Blog! I have long loved Tombow products – in fact, Mono Adhesive was the first tape runner I ever used as a scrapbooker!

Tombow Project Jennifer Priest 004
Today I am sharing an interactive mini book I created using Tombow’s The Craft Collection 3D Foam Tabs, Mono Grip Correction Tape, Mono Power Bond Adhesive Runner, and Fastener Tabs.

Celebrate Mini Book - Tombow USA by Jennifer Priest
Decorating acrylic can be quite the challenge and many inks take next to forever to dry on acrylic. I had a stash of acrylic pennants that I wanted to incorporate into my mini book and I knew inking would not match the clean aesthetic of the other pages in my book. The Tombow Mono Grip Correction Tape was the perfect solution!!

I removed the protective plastic coating from both sides of the acrylic pieces and then ran the Correction  Tape around the border of each page, about ¼” in from the edge. The Correction Tapeglided onto the acrylic like butter!!

Tombow Project Jennifer Priest 008
I was totally amazed and there is no other way I could achieve such a clean look with paint or pens – believe me, I have tried in the past. The white line created by the Correction Tape was just enough to make the acrylic pages noticeable but not overbearing. Now I have to hide these from my daughter because she already commented how she “love” the pink and purple color of the Correction Tape Runners!

Celebrate Mini Book - Tombow USA by Jennifer Priest- detail 3
Next, I created some rolled flowers using a diecut machine, felt, fabric, and Tombow’s 3D Foam Tabs. One of the challenges in making this type of rolled flower is that the center can often look ugly and be pushed down into the flower itself. I would normally use a hot glue for this type of flower, burning my fingers regularly in the process. This time I added a 3D Foam Tab to the part of the flower I would normally put the hot glue on and proceeded to create the flower.

Tombow Project Jennifer Priest 010
The 3D Foam Tab held the Wool Felt perfectly!! And the foam pushed the center of the flower upwards so that it was more visible and super cute than if I had used a glue gun to create the flower!

Tombow Project Jennifer Priest 012
Many companies are now including designs on the backs of the UPC strips attached to their 12×12 patterned papers. I love to trim these and use them as “paper ribbons”. The Tombow Power Bond Mono Adhesive Runner is perfect for this task!

Tombow Project Jennifer Priest 013
Since there is adhesive along the entire strip, the pleated “ribbon” can be added to the book immediately after pleating.

Celebrate Mini Book - Tombow USA by Jennifer Priest- detail 1
Run the adhesive along the back of the entire strip and then begin making paper pleats. Most adhesive will not be able to withstand the force of the paper trying to unfold itself but Power Bond holds it like a charm!
Tombow Project Jennifer Priest 018Tombow Project Jennifer Priest 019

Power Bond adheres wonderfully to acrylic—again, my go-to here might have been hot glue, but that can melt the plastic, and other adhesives tend to lose their tack after time on acrylic. The same technique can be used for wider strips of paper, like the pleated paper ribbon I created on this page:

Celebrate Mini Book - Tombow USA by Jennifer Priest- detail 2
I also used the MONO Adhesive Power Bond Runner to adhere strips of paper to stick pins to make the “flags” on this page.

Tombow Project Jennifer Priest 015
Tombow Project Jennifer Priest 016
My kids love looking through all the mini books I create and one of the things I always see kids doing is trying to pull off the embellishments on my books. They are just curious and if we think about it, most of their toys involve removable parts. So why not incorporate removable parts into our scrapbooks?! Tombow’s Fastener Tabs are a Hook & Loop Style Connector with adhesive backing—that means one section of the tab is fastened to the project and the other piece of the tab is fastened to the object. The hook & loop action of the Tab is what holds it all together. I decided to add these tabs to a few of the flowers on the cover of my book.

Trims and More Tombow 045
This way, the next child who picks up the book can enjoy not only the photos, but also enjoy being part of the design process by moving the flowers around. My son has already had some fun re-arranging the flowers!

Trims and More Tombow 047
Trims and More Tombow 048
Another benefit is that if you are unsure which flowers to use where, you can use the Fastener Tabs to change the design around yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this fun little mini book and next time you make one yourself, consider making it interactive with Tombow’s Fastener Tabs!


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