Blast From The Past Week! 3

Blast from the past week!  I love the 1950’s!

This week is “Blast From The Past Week” and the Tombow design team will inspire you with our favorite things from different decades!!  My decade is the 1950’s.  I love the 1950’s!  The TV shows, the fashion, the music, the home decor and the culture in general!  It was a much simpler time but you can see how much that decade evolved and how much change happened.

The one thing I noticed while looking up everything from the 50’s was the colors that were used. And 1 color combo stuck out the most to me. It was in everything from fashion, home decor and even businesses.  That combo is….

The funny thing is, I actually love these colors together and use them often.  I wanted to use my Tombow Recycled Colored Pencils but there wasn’t a turquoise color.  What to do???  Combine green and blue of course!!  These pencils blend so wonderfully!  I used the light green first, and went over it with the light blue and POW!!  Turquoise!!  Awesome!

The place where I saw this color combo the most is in the diner, drive ins and soda shops decor. It seemed that all of them were done in red and turquoise.  Turquoise stools at the counter with red walls.  Or red booths with turquoise chairs and walls.  Every picture I found for these places had this color combo.  So I found an old black and white advertisement and colored it red and turquoise with my Tombow Recycled Colored Pencils!  Can you see how awesome this combo is?  And the little designs were soooo 1950’s.  I added a bunch of the little star type designs in both colors all over the page.

It was so fun to do some research on this decade!  I really do LOVE the 1950’s!  I hope you enjoyed this post and come back each day this week to see what awesome things the other designers make!!


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