Pencil Techniques with MONO J Pencils from Tombow 1

MONO J Pencil Techniques @mariebrowning

Basic Pencil Techniques with MONO J Drawing Pencils from Tombow

Here are some fabulous pencil techniques with MONO J Drawing Pencils from Tombow. There are 6 grades in the Mono J Pencil Line: 2H, HB, B, 2B, 3B and 4B. A great range for beginners to start to create beautiful masterpieces in graphite. Here I am using all the grade to give a realistic shading to the large leaf. The dew drops are done using the 2H for a softer shading. The top leaf is blended with the N00 Blender Dual Brush Pen and then erased using the MONO Plastic white eraser

Scribble stroke @mariebrowning

Scribble Strokes

I love the scribble stroke! Basically, you just make a circular scribble with the pencils using a varying pressure to create this textured shading. The smaller leaf also uses a scribble stroke but with sharp, angular scribbles. The HB, B and 2H MONO J’s are my favorite pencil grades for this method.

Stippled Strokes @mariebrowning

Stippled Strokes

Here’s stippling! The small leaf used the 3B MONO J Pencil to add small dots to shade. The large middle leaf is a stippling stroke as well, but I used tiny dashes instead of dots. The medium leaf used the dot stippling again to create the leaf veins. The Large and medium leaves used a variety of MONO J Pencil grades; B, HB, 2B and 3B

Hatched strokes with MONO J Pencil @mariebrowning

Hatched Strokes

Draw like a master when you use hatching! The 2B, B and HB MONO J pencil grades work well for this method. The small leaf used hatching; parallel penciled lines to create the shading. The middle leaf used curved lines for this contour hatched example. The large bottom leaf uses cross hatching to create the effect.

MONO J Pencil techniques @mariebrowning

Want to try these MONO J Drawing Pencil techniques? Download the Technique sheet here!

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Marie Browning, Tombow Signature Designer

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