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Marie Browning here with a fantastic idea and packaging hints for a back to school gift with Tombow! Don’t have a student returning? No worries, You’ll find this post very informative for creating a gift package for any creative soul! The Tombow products here are chosen to be especially helpful to a teacher to begin another year inspiring and educating your child.

Tombow products for teachers


  • MONO Aqua Liquid Glue  All purpose glue for paper, adding glitter, and poster board. Two tips; fine and broad. Strong hold and is washable.
  • MONO Multi XL Liquid Glue  Another great liquid glue now in an extra large size. Two tips; fine and broad. Glues permanently when wet. Very sticky when dry for a perfect adhesive for adding ribbons, heavy papers and other embellishments.
  • Tombow Xtreme Tabs Very strong, clear adhesive tabs for hanging decorations and heavier items. Each square can hold up to 6.4 ounces!
  • Tombow Xtreme Putty This product is a must in the classroom! It can hold up heavy posters or decorations for the classroom where screws, nails or adhesives fail. It has a very strong hold but will not damage items or walls. It is also reusable making it a very economical choice for teachers.
  • TwinTone Markers, Bright Set A beautiful set of 12 markers with a broad bullet point and an extra fine point on each marker. Perfect for color-coding in journals or notebooks. The water based ink does not bleed through most papers. The inks are bright and juicy and points strong.
  • Tombow Mini Power Tape These handy, compact adhesive runners offer a permanent strong bond with precise and clean application.


create the base for the gift

Create the Base

Place the Tombow Xtreme Tabs and Tombow Xtreme Putty packages together on your work space. This will be your base. Arrange on top, the MONO Liquid Glues and the Mini Power Tapes. Use small bits of Xtreme Putty to hold these pieces together. You only need a little bit to hold them securely. They will come apart easily without damaging the products. The putty is also reusable after the gift is taken apart!

alternate idea for a base

Alternate idea for base

You can also add a planner to your base, like this Happy Planner from me & my BIG ideas. Any teacher would love to have one of these at the beginning of the school year! The planners come in a variety of styles to suit every penchant.

add the Twintone markers

Add Markers

Next add a package of TwinTone Markers. I choose the Bright Set and used tiny bits of Tombow Xtreme Putty to hold them to the glue bottles.

gather cello and add bows

Wrap with Cello and add Bows

I used two, 1 yard lengths of 20″  clear cello for the package. Arrange the cello sheets in a cross shape and place the prepared gift in the middle. Gather up all sides, bringing it all to the top. Secure with a twist tie. Fluff and arrange the top of the cello neatly, trimming if necessary. Tie on one or more brightly colored ribbons as shown.

create glitter dots on package

Create Glitter Dots

This is an optional step, but makes the package even more colorful and with added sparkle. With Tombow Adhesive Dots, place the colored dots to the front of the package. With a dry brush, add fine clear glitter to each dot brushing off any excess glitter.

brightly colored gift tag

Make a Bright Gift Tag

Create a tag by using the Fudenosuke Pen and MONO Drawing Pens. the ‘Bright’ lettering coloring was added with the Bright TwinTone Markers. Add the glitter dots as described. Can you see how I made the purple and orange glitter dots by layering the Adhesive Dots?

the finished gift

The Finished Gift

Here is the finished presentation. What a wonderful gift to welcome a new teacher!

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  • andrea

    love this! unfortunately my kiddo is in college so i won’t be making any of these. Such a great gift for teachers though. ?