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Happy (almost) New Year! Welcome in 2018 with a sign to greet family and friends. It’s Marie Browning here today to show how to create a bright and shiny New Year’s Party Sign to help put everyone in a party mood!

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@mariebcreates #tombow #tombow2017dt start by lettering welcome

Ribbon Lettering

Start with a 4H MONO Drawing Pencil to mark your guidelines on a large sheet of mix media or Bristol paper. The letters should be about 3″ high. Use the 452 Process Blue Dual Brush Pen and with the brush tip, write WELCOME. For the ribbon lettering, you do not need to worry about making thin lines, keep the pressure hard for the entire word to create thick, large letters.

@mariebcreates #tombow #tombow2017dt Shade the lettering using Ribbon lettering techniques

Shade the Lettering

With the V-7 King Fisher Blue Irojiten Colored Pencil, shade in the letters to form the ribbon lettering. To see the step-by-steps and learn more about ribbon lettering, go to this blog post. When you have finished the lettering, cut out lettering in the form of a banner. The banner ‘tails’ are cut separately.

@mariebcreates #tombow #tombow2017dt Cut out the welcome sign

Cut Out the Welcome Banner

Adhere the banner pieces to a dark colored cardstock with MONO Multi Liquid Glue and trim leaving a 1/8″ border.

@mariebcreates #tombow #tombow2017dt Cut out the numbers

Cut out Numbers

Cut out the year numbers. I used my handy Alphabet Punch Board to create 5″ tall numbers. You can also sketch then cut out your numbers.

@mariebcreates #tombow #tombow2017dt use the mono multi liquid glue on the front of the numbers

Apply Glue

Using the broad applicator of the MONO Multi Liquid Glue, generously coat each number.

@mariebcreates #tombow #tombow2017dt add the bling

@mariebcreates #tombow #tombow2017dt sprinkle with glitter

Add the Bling

Place rhinestones into the glue. Sprinkle on glitter. You don’t have to hurry these steps, the glue dries sticky so the rhinestones and glitter will adhere even when dry!

@mariebcreates #tombow #tombow2017dt Tape the numbers to cardstock

Finish the Sign

Using Foam Tape, adhere the numbers onto dark colored cardstock. This gives the numbers a nice dimension on the sign.

@mariebcreates #tombow #tombow2017dt finished New Years Welcome sign

You are ready to display your sign! Use the Tombow Xtreme Mounting Putty for a secure, and damage free display.

A Happy New Year to everyone, and may it bring happiness doing what you love most.

Tombow 2018 Design Team - Marie Browning

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  • Megan

    New Year is an awesome day to celebrate the beginning of the year and we celebrate it world widely with fireworks and wishing each other and here i want to wish you all a very Happy New Year 2018 and hope this will bring a lot of happiness and joy for you. Cheers guys!!