DIY Floral Card with Waffle Flower Stamp Set 2

Make a stunning handmade card using Waffle Flower stamps and dies plus Tombow ABT PRO Alcohol Ink Markers.

DIY Floral Card with Waffle Flower Stamp Set

Hi friends, it’s Natalie from Doodlecraft here! Today, I am sharing my love of handmade floral cards with you. Make a stunning handmade card using Waffle Flower Stamps and Dies and Tombow ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Markers. Make a few of these in one sitting to have on hand when the need arises.

In September of 2009, I had emergency surgery for a tubal pregnancy that I was unaware of. My sweet friend brought me a handmade card during my recovery with some chocolates. Instantly, I fell in love with her handmade card and asked her to teach me. We formed a card making group and my love has grown since then. I still love making cards. It’s my favorite papercraft. This is also when I discovered my love of Tombow Adhesives!

How to make a stunning handmade card using Waffle Flower stamps and dies plus Tombow ABT PRO Alcohol Ink Markers.

These stunning floral cards look so fabulous but are relatively simple to make. I am in love with flower stamps and love making floral themed cards. I am using the Magnolia Combo from Waffle Flower. They have high quality photopolymer stamps with coordinating dies for easy cutting out.

Blush pink magnolia flower card with green leaves on a white background. Mounted to a thin border of black cardstock and mounted to a blush pink folded card.

Supplies Needed for Magnolia Flower Cards:

All the supplies needed to create a floral card by hand

Step 1: Stamping the Base of the Floral Card

Begin by placing some craft foam on your workspace. Photopolymer stamps are wonderful but don’t have that layer of foam like a red rubber stamp. Placing foam beneath the paper is the best way to ensure a clean stamp.

Stamping a handmade card with a flower stamp

Ink up the image with black ink and press onto the white cardstock.

photopolymer stamp with black ink, ready to stamp on white cardstock.

Don’t rock the stamp from side to side. Just press down firmly and lift straight up. Place a piece of lightweight paper under the cardstock for the ink that runs off the paper.

Black and white outlined stamped image of magnolia flowers

Step 2: Mounted Flower

Stamp the smaller flower on a separate paper using the same process as above.

Using die cuts to cut stamped flower images

Then, use the die cutting machine to cut the smaller flower out perfectly. You can use scissors, but I love the ease of using dies. The die package comes with dies for every image included in the stamp set…so it’s pretty handy.

Using a die cutting machine to cut stamped images

Step 3: Coloring the Florals

Use the ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Markers to color the images. I chose light pink flowers. Color over the entire flower with the lightest pink. Then, add shadows with the darker pink. Color the inside of the flower with the orange.

Coloring stamped image with Tombow ABT PRO Alcohol Ink markers

Color the background flowers as well. No need to color the main flower. Use the same technique with the green markers.

Coloring magnolia stamped images with Tombow Alcohol ink markers in pinks and greens

Step 4: Assemble the Floral Card

Now, turn the small flower over and apply some Tombow Foam Tape to the backside of it. Then, place the flower directly over the flower on the base card.

Foam tape for mounting for magnolia floral card

Repeat the process for a few cards. I love making a bunch of cards at a time to keep on hand…you never know when your friend will have emergency surgery and you’ll need a card.

Stamped and colored card bases for handmade card making

Now, use the Tombow MONO Adhesive + Permanent to adhere the white cardstock to the black cardstock.

3 layers to make a handmade card using Tombow MONO adhesive

Just a tiny 1/8″ border of the black cardstock adds so much to frame it in. Then, adhere the black cardstock to the folded blush card.

How to make a handmade card

Leave just a small border of the blush. This floral card is gorgeous because of these beautiful flowers! The floral card is simple enough to send through the mail too.

Make a stunning magnolia flower card with a foam tape flower that still can go through the mail.

Make a fun floral envelope to match using this envelope making tutorial. Then, it’s ready to send. Imagine how excited the recipient will be. They will surely display this card on the mantel as part of their home decor.

How to make a stunning handmade floral card using Waffle Flower stamps and dies plus Tombow ABT PRO Alcohol Ink Markers.


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