Lettering Quotes by Jennie Garcia

Happy Friday! This week we have been inspired by lettering! Go check out the rest of the posts this week! I love seeing the different directions everyone took!  Blue Skies Lettering

For my projects I got inspired by music and quotes. I am always listening to music and I read everyday, even if it’s just children’s books for my girls. Right now, I’m reading “These Broken Stars”. Tell us what you are reading!Lettering Inspiration

For this image I used a title from a song I’ve been listening a lot by Jaymay. The first thing I do is use a Mono Drawing Pencil to draw the letters. My favorite eraser fix my oops is the Tombow Mono Eraser and I also like the Mono NP Eraser Non-PVC. Then I used the Tombow Mono Twin Permanent Marker to write the words and on top of that I used 3 different blue Tombow Dual Brush Pens. Blue Skies Lettering1

For this image I used the Mono Glue Pen as a resist for the rain drops.

Rain or Shine

My baby wrote on this drawing with a ballpoint pen and you can’t see it. NO! Do you know why? Mono Sand Eraser!! It’s also awesome for stamping oops! Rain or Shine1 One more for the road! Someone shared this quote on Facebook and I loved it. You know, sometimes that guy that you took one class with him on High School and you can barely remember his name can post good stuff! You Are The Entire Ocean Quote

Remember to use the #Tombow when you share your lettering awesomeness on Instagram and Twitter! You Are The Entire Ocean Quote1

It’s Friday! Yeah! Have a good weekend! You did good! Go home and come back tomorrow for more lettering inspiration.

Lettering takes shape

Today I will be sharing more creative ways that you can get lettering. I am a former Architect so my lettering style is much more linear, geometric and clean. Not too many swirls and strokes. I want to show you how you can make your simple lettering fun by adding it inside a shape. The shape I’m using is a large 3.5″ circle cut from white cardstock. I also created a couple more examples for you to see at the bottom of this post. I always starts a project out by sketching. Here you can see that I literally just practiced anything. I had this random piece of paper and tried out a few things.  I loved the large circle.


Here are the materials you will need today:

Lettering week with Tombow

Lettering week with Tombow by latrice-gray-murphy on Polyvore

I also created a step by step photo collage for you to see how I created my circle from beginning to end.

Step by step

Step by step by latrice-gray-murphy on Polyvore

Pretty simple right? I inked my edges to make them look more finished and before creating the card below with one of them I scanned them all into my computer for later use. I can now reprint that first hand drawn image as many times as I want. Print onto some high quality cardstock with the setting on best. Check out how I used my hand lettering piece. Perfect for anything though. Invitations, cards, scrapbooking pages or do it in a larger scale on canvas or something to frame?

edited-0928 edited-0927

Thanks for stopping by today. It’s been fun seeing the whole teams take on lettering. I”m inspired, how about you?


Uswe font doodling to ease into the art of lettering and to help you retain information better while listening to a lecture, conference call, or podcast.

Doodle While You Listen – Font Doodling – Lettering Week with Jennifer Priest

Lettering and drawing is one of the things I really want to improve this year. One of the keys to learning how to do something new or improving a skill is to set aside time to practice.  I’ve also seen research that states that doodling while listening to a lecture or during a meeting will help you to retain information better. I combined these two ideas to give myself time to letter by doodling, drawing, and lettering quotes and ideas from podcasts I listen to. This technique is called “font doodling”, which is basically doodling words in different fonts. That’s kind of what lettering is too, except that lettering  is done more intentionally. At any rate, this method is helping me to learn and to produce fun quote art at the same time!

You can doodle with a pencil and paper but   To get started with font doodling, you’ll need the following supplies:

Font Doodling



Use font doodling to ease into the art of lettering and to help you retain information better while listening to a lecture, conference call, or podcast. Here’s how I doodled this particular quote from a recent podcast I heard:

Here are some of the lettering and “font doodling” projects I have shared on Instagram:

Will you be trying font doodling soon? Let us know in the comments section!

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Lettering Week with Beth Watson – You are my Sunshine!

Lettering is definitely something that I LOVE, but don’t spend enough time DOING, so I was super excited when we were given this assignment.
One of my favorite songs is “You are my Sunshine”, so taking that as my inspiration, I created this art piece featuring the words to the song!
Tombow Lettering Week!


I started out with a sketch of what I wanted to create.  Most of the time these are just doodles that I draw with notes, so I can remember an idea that I want to create later.  I find this step very important in my creative process, especially as I get older!  It’s also a good exercise in drawing and fuels my creativity when I am feeling uninspired!  I have grown to love appreciate my handwriting, in all of its forms, but it took a lot of practice to get to that point.  I personally think that a sketchbook and/or journal helps with that process.  I like the relatively inexpensive 8” by 10” hard cover spiral bound sketchbooks and I normally am using several at one time.
TIP:  Look for them when they go on sale at the big box stores and stock up!  Then I don’t feel bad about ripping out the pages.
Draw the outline of your design lightly in pencil first, using the MONO Drawing Pencil Set, so that you have a starting point.
Next, lay in the background colors with Tombow Dual Tip Pens in Yellows and Oranges from the Bright and Muted Sets.  Blend with the Tombow Dual Tip Blending Pen until desired effect is achieved.
Followed by the primary lettering in my “handwriting” font with the Brush Tip of the Tombow Dual Tip Pen – I used Black N15 from the Muted Set.
TIP:  Again, you can draw your design lightly in pencil first.
Add the secondary lettering with the Nip Tip of the Tombow Dual Tip Pen in a different style.  I used my “printed” font here to create another layer of interest.
Next, add the remainder of the text in a creative way.  I chose to write the rest of the lyrics around the sun in my handwriting font with the Nip Tip of the Tombow Dual Tip Pen.
Finally, accent the piece with additional doodles using the fine and broad tips of the Mono Twin Permanent Marker.
Here are a few detailed shots – I LOVE the way that this piece turned out and I just might frame it!
03-15 LETTERING 7    03-15 LETTERING 8
What can you create from your favorite song lyrics?  I think “Somewhere over the Rainbow” is next on my list!
Check out more of my Creative Lettering on my INSTAGRAM!
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Awesome Lettering Week at Tombow!!

Lettering Week At Tombow



I love lettering!  It is such a beautiful art form.  I’ve been practicing different fonts and types of lettering for years.  But with Tombow Dual Brush Pens lettering is so much easier!  With the marker tip for beautiful brush strokes and the fine tip for thin lines, you will be an expert in no time!
I made this lettering piece by making “blocks” to put each letter in.  I used a ruler and my Black Dual Brush Marker to make them.  This way, I know how big to make my letters.
You can see the letter A is in 1 block.
At the bottom of my page I had 2 extra spaces left, so I made some flowers.  I used the “Manga Shojo” set of Tombo Dual Brush Pens.  I love this set!  The colors are lovely.  I used the red and pink colors with the blender pen.
Here is my finished lettering piece.
And here is a close up.  I always add dots or shading of some kind to my lettering.
I hope Tombow’s Lettering Week inspires you to give it a try and get some Dual Brush Pens of your own!!

Lettering Week Kick Off with Abby Guempel

Happy Sunday! This week Tombow has a treat for you! We are having Lettering Week! Yes! A Whole week giving you Lettering Inspiration and tips! To start the week we have the Amazing Abby Guempel! Funny Story, Abby left a note in very gorgeous lettering at our booth at CHA we asked her to come back to say hi and share some Dual Brush Pens. She is the sweetest so of course she will kick off this awesome week!
Asyera Guempel Lettering
My name is Asyera Guempel, people call me Abby.
I am currently an art director for a paper crafting/scrapbooking company based in Utah.
I’m originally from Indonesia and currently living in Dallas. I have a shiba inu puppy named Vanilla.
I love lettering, designing, drawing, scuba diving, playing music, composing songs, cooking, making stop motion videos, home decorating, and papercutting,
I used to work as an interior architect and a musician but, graphic desigining and illustrating have been my passion since I was 4. It feels super awesome to finally be able to pursue what I’ve been passionate about.
Knowing Tombow products from fellow letterers, I had been looking for a perfect “soulmate” pen to explore my creative mind and I finally found it!
I love these products and I will definitely recommend them to all creative folks around the world!
A few tips for letterer newbies :
- Own a couple of sketchbooks. I usually use 9in x 12in sketchbooks – the versatile surface
- Start with pencil if you are not sure yet! if you know what you are doing, let’s get inking with Tombow!
- Make mistakes! nobody sees it! Only you…and that can be fixed!
- Sometimes I have to use lots and lots of papers to get the perfect drawing. That’s okay! that’s what your sketchbook is for!
- Be sensitive. Listen and watch your surroundings, inspirations can come from everywhere.
- I like to read non-fiction books, they have a bunch of anonymous quotes from anonymous people that I use for my lettering inspiration
- Don’t get intimidated by other people’s works. If they can do it, so can you!
- Go crazy with different mediums. Tombow has many many pens!!! Let’s try them all!
- Do not be shy to publish and cast your works
- Ask for feedback and keep practicing
Social Media Info :
A few photos using Tombow :
Tombow calligraphy brush pen – hard nib
Asyera Guempel Lettering1
Tombow calligraphy brush pen – soft nib
Asyera Guempel Lettering2
Tombow calligraphy brush pen – hard nib
Asyera Guempel Lettering3
Tombow Dual Brush Pen with blending pen 
Asyera Guempel Lettering4
Tombow calligraphy brush pen – hard nib
Asyera Guempel Lettering5
Tombow Dual Brush Pen
Asyera Guempel Lettering6
Tombow calligraphy brush pen – soft nib
Asyera Guempel Lettering7
Enjoy a short and sweet video by Abby!

Isn’t she awesome!! Remember to follow her on social media and leave her some love!
Come back tomorrow and the rest of the week for more letter love!


20 Things Every Baby Album Needs! By Jennie Garcia

Happy Friday! I am almost done with my daughter’s baby album and I have a lot of pregnant friends and a few with newborns so I thought it would be helpful to do a post on what things work on a baby album. My baby albums go from the pregnancy to their first birthday, after that they join the family album. If you are pregnant right now, you may want to work on your album now that you can shower, eat and craft. If you make something make sure you link it up to our current baby challenge.What Every Baby Book Needs



1. Photos: Of course you will need some photos! But the first photos your little peanut will take are sonograms and most of the time they come in a receipt kind of paper that fades with time so make sure you scan them or you can take photos of them and use those in your album. My favorite glues for photos are the Tombow Mono Adhesive Dots, Tombow Mono Adhesive Permanent, and the Tombow Stamp Runner Dot Adhesive. This last one is also good for small embellishments.

2. A Baby Story: How did you found out you were pregnant and how did you tell your family.Project Life Baby Album

3. My name is: The story of her/his name and maybe include the other options you had.Project Life Baby Album3

To glue sequins I like to use the Tombow Mono Aqua Liquid Glue. Project Life Baby Album4

4. Nursery: Photos of the nursery, who helped and if you got an important gift from someone a mention would be nice.

5. Pregnancy: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and probably the swollen and nauseous. I kept the packaging of these Prenatal Vitamins because they were the only ones that didn’t made me nauseous. It also will be interesting to future generations to see the packaging we used these days. Also include those weird quirks and cravings pregnant women sometimes get.

6. Belly Shots: I am guilty of not taking enough photos of my belly! I just felt like an awful giant planet but I do regret having so few. So own your belly mamas!  Project Life Baby Album5 7. Presents: I didn’t have a baby shower but I got a few presents and I took a few photos of my favorites.

8. Clothing Tags: I have teeny tiny babies so every time they went up a size I felt proud! Project Life Baby Album6

9. Use Apps: We live in an era that pretty much revolves around our phones so chances are you can use apps to document your pregnancy. You can go simple and stick to Facebook, Instagram and Maps or explore a bit further and use apps like InstaPlace, InstaWeather, Pic Tap Go (my favorite for editing), Afterlight, Collect, A Beautiful Mess, or My Pregnancy Today to follow your little peanut’s development. Project Life Baby Album110. Other’s point of view: My oldest said lots of funny things while I was pregnant and she is actually still saying funny things. She loved her baby sister and those little quotes will one day let her know how much she loves her! If you have a baby shower you could encourage people to leave her a note. Don’t forget Dad’s thoughts about the baby! Project Life Baby Album7

11. Birth Story: I was induced (even though I didn’t want to) so I told a story about that whole day.

12. Meeting the Baby: For my oldest daughter, she got to stay with me right after delivery but for my youngest she had to go to the NICU and I didn’t get to see her until next day. This goes to show you that EVERY story is different and that is why it’s important to say it all.

To glue homemade enamel dots I use the Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue.Project Life Baby Album8

13. Tiny Pieces: I kept my baby’s hat from her first outfit, on my oldest’s album I included some of her tiny gloves. *Careful with the hoarding, Preemie and Newborn outfits are adorable but you don’t need to keep them all. I had this talk with myself all the time!

To glued the tiny hat on the paper I used Tombow Foam Tabs!
Project Life Baby Album9

To glue the vellum squares I used the Tombow Xtreme Permanent Adhesive and to color the frames I used Tombow Irojiten Pencils and Tombow Dual Brush Pens.Project Life Baby Album1014. Growth: You have my permission to be the mom that asks the doctor to repeat the height and weight  so you can write it in your baby’s album!

15. Milestones: First Food, Crawling, Walking, Sleeping all night (if you get one of those babies) and all those funny words about to come out of their funny toothless mouth!

16. Mommy Milestones: Of course you should write those too! Give yourself a little credit! If you breastfed exclusively for 6 months, a year, etc., if you can make formula or change a diaper with only one hand, if you go back to your pre-baby weight! Go You!

17. Ink those tootsies: They grow so fast! You can only hold on to the memory and those tiny footprints. I only do it on their feet because A) They wiggle a lot! B) They put their hands in their mouth. C) They keep wiggling! I also use a cheap kind of ink that will clean fast. Do not use your awesome archival smear proof ink on baby feet!
Project Life Baby Album12

18. Photos with the family: Take photos of the baby with older sibling, you can look at them fondly while the oldest screams “Get out of my room! Mom! Layla is in my room!” Also life is very fragile and you don’t know who may be here tomorrow. Project Life Baby Album11

19. Special Holidays: Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Christenings or Blessings, sleeping all night (should be considered a national holiday!)

20. Pictures WITH MOM: I know, you must be behind the camera ALL the time and you probably cringe at the thought of taking a photo without make up. Guess what? They are not going to care! They will remember your cooking, your nagging and your lame jokes but they probably won’t judge your #NoMakeupSelfie.

Project Life Baby Album13

Well I hope this post was useful and informational for you! If there is anything else I missed or if you have any questions leave them at the comment sections and I will get back at you!

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Create your own DIY Decorated Picture Frame For Baby with these easy steps!

Easy D.I.Y. Decorated Frame


Aqua makeup

Glitter eye makeup


An Easy D.I.Y. Decorated Picture Frame is the perfect gift for a new baby.

For this easy D.I.Y decorated picture frame you will need these supplies:  A wood frame, yellow paint, glitter, Tombow Mono Aqua GlueTombow 3D Foam TabsTombow Dual Brush Pens Brights, a die cut carriage, some buttons and some string.

 First, paint your wood frame the color of your choice.  I only used 1 coat of yellow craft paint for my decorated picture frame because I wanted the wood grain to show through.


Next, I mixed some Tombow Mono Aqua Glue, glitter and water to make a “paint”.  By combining these things I was able to apply the glitter to the frame and make it permanent.  The glitter will stay on the frame and not get all over the nursery.  Since Mono Aqua Glue dries clear, the shimmer from the glitter can still show through.  It is soooo sparkly!

I had to keep this frame good for a boy or a girl, so I picked embellishments that were yellow, green and purple.


I used my Tombow Dual Brush Pen to color the chipboard star green.


I glued some of the embellishments with Tombow Mono Aqua Glue and adhered some with Tombow 3D Foam Tabs.

That’s it!  Super Easy D.I.Y. Decorated Frame For Baby!

And don’t forget to enter your own baby projects into our Baby Challenge!


This challenge will start on March 2nd and will end on March 15 at 11:55PM EST. Winner will be announced March 16!

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Welcome Baby Signature Sign - JPriest

Wishes for Baby Sign for Baby Shower

Last summer I attended a baby shower that my sister threw for her friend. At the entrance of the party, they had a sign on an easel with a cup of markers – the idea was for people to add a message for the baby to the sign using a marker. Now that one of my friends is having a baby girl, I thought this would be a great, crafty way to welcome baby into the world, with messages of love from family and friends.

I created this wishes for baby sign for the upcoming baby shower:

Welcome Baby Sign for Baby Shower



To create blended letters, use a Tombow Blending Palette, as shown in the video below.

How to make a custom Baby Welcome Sign:

This sign comes together fairly easily. You can use any frame you like; I used a molded Smoothfoam frame that I painted with acrylic paint to add color. The keys to this project are the Tombow Dual Brush Pens.  The ink from the pens stays vibrant and true over time, it’s water based so it blends easily and they’re odorless. Use the pens to letter the baby’s name or a welcome message and then keep an assortment of pens out by the sign for guests to write and draw their messages to baby. For ideas on lettering with Tombow Dual Brush Pens, check out this book by Tombow Signature Designer Marie Browning: Brush Marker Magic.

Welcome Baby Guestbook Sign JPriest 1000

Create a space in the middle of the sign to add baby’s footprints:

To leave space in the middle open for baby’s footprints, loosely trace a pair of newborn baby booties with an OLNO Mechanical Pencil.  Leave the tracings on the board during the baby shower so everyone knows to leave that space blank. When you’re ready to add baby’s footprints to the board, use a MONO NP Eraser, Non-PVC to erase the pencil lines.

Here’s how to create a custom baby welcome sign from start to finish:

We’re celebrating baby shower week with a Challenge!

Come and link up your baby project for the chance to win Tombow Mono Permanent Adhesive, Tombow Mono Adhesive Dots and Tombow Adhesive Dots.


This challenge will start on March 2nd and will end on March 15 at 11:55PM EST. Winner will be announced March 16!

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Baby Block Birth Announcement

This week Tombow USA has a challenge for you! Get your bundle of Tombow products out and make a Baby Project!   Design Team Member, Latrice is hosting this challenge on her blog post HERE, so create your special “bundle of joy” project and upload it until March 15th at 11:55 pm EST.  The winner will be announced on March 16th!


I love to create special keepsakes for family and friends when a child is born.  It is such a precious moment in time that deserves an equally precious announcement!  I created this Baby Block to remember my niece, Marlena Anne Wilson’s birth.

My crafty friend, Eileen Hull has a line of 3D dies with Sizzix that cut matboard and the Tombow Xtreme Adhesive works perfectly to permanently attach the cube together for the base of the announcement!

Here’s what you’ll need:




Here’s how to make it:

Step 1 – Die cut two Sizzix Score Boards XL Die – 3D Block/Cube/Bank from Sizzix Little Sizzles Mat Board  with the Sizzix Big Shot Machine.

babyblock 1

Step 2 – Measure and cut six 3″ x 3″ squares of decorative paper.  Apply to faces of cube with Tombow Xtreme Adhesive.  TIP – Remember to “snap” off adhesive at a 90 degree angle.

babyblock 3

Step 3 – Apply Tombow Xtreme Adhesive to the four tabs.  Attach to create a “T”, then fold long section around to form cube.  Fold in top and bottom to finish cube.

babyblock 4 babyblock 5 babyblock 6

Step 4 – Measure and cut three 2 1/4″ by 21/4″ squares of decorative paper and one baby photo.  Round corners, distress and attach to four sides of cube with Tombow Stamp Runner Dot Adhesive.

babyblock 7

Step 5 – Embellish top and bottom of cube with ribbons, flowers, rhinestones, stick pins and a crystal using Tombow MONO Aqua Liquid Glue.

babyblock 8   babyblock 13

Step 6 – Embellish remaining four sides with letter stickers, chipboard initials, rhinestones and pearls.

babyblock 9 babyblock 10 babyblock 11 babyblock 12

Here is what the final keepsake looks like!  So cute to hang in Marlee’s nursery for years to come!

babyblock main

Other Materials Used:  Decorative papers; baby photo; letter stickers; glittered chipboard initials; ribbons (green, pink and yellow); assorted flowers; green stick pin; crystal; rhinestones; pearls; paper trimmer; corner rounder punch; Tea Dyed Distress Ink by Ranger and scissors.

Visit my Pinterest page for more Keepsake Crafts.

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