oh, the places you’ll go! 4

so, i got a little ambitious with my graduation inspired project. perhaps too ambitious. but the result is unique and something i’ve never pulled off before, so i’m feeling pretty good right now!

graduates of all ages have received the beloved dr. seuss book oh the places you’ll go as gifts for their special occasion. i’ve been wanting to create a dr. seuss inspired page for a while now (wanted to try the doodling) so this provided the opportunity i’d been waiting for.

this page was created with Tombow MONO Permanent Adhesive Runner and the Tombow MONO Glue Pen.  and lots of Doodlebug crushed velvet flock.

typically i advise crafters and scrapbookers not to be adhesive abusers. but in this case, abuse away.
using two different adhesives achieves differing results. the glue pen holds the flock a little more clumpy, where as the permanent tape runner is more an even and smooth texture.

there are pros and cons of each, for instance, when using the glue pen you have to work quickly to get the flock on it before it dries. I suggest doing a section at a time and pressing the flock into the glue. then shake off the excess.

the permanent tape runner does not have a quick drying time, so i was able to roll it out in several places and then cover a larger area with the flock. in this case, dump flock on the paper and then move it around and rub it into the adhesive.

i’ve got some sweet pictures of my son finishing up pre-k from last year that will finish of this page.

now i’m not telling you that you will be able to get all the excess flock back into the bitty bottles (even if you use a tidy try) or that you won’t accidentally spill one of the bottles of flock on the table (like i did twice), or that you need to try a 12×12 layout like this one, but do try to doodle letters or a small drawing on a card or tag and fill it in with the flock or even glitter.

and remind me… i need to tell you all about Tombow’s MONO Glue Pen sometime. it is a fabulous, must-have adhesive, and i’ve got a few tips for you.


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4 thoughts on “oh, the places you’ll go!

  • Beth W

    Too funny-I just found a picture of my oldest (39) when he was a year old riding his plastic airplane. I’m doing a layout with the same title!

  • ellen s

    this is so cool! i love love love that book!

    i got my goodie box from the give -a-way and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

    it was so generous of you! i love my mono liquid adhesive 🙂 and cannot wait to try the pens!

  • Janet Weser

    I use the liquid glue in the blue bottle all the time and buy it by the case but I have never seen the pen. I need to find one of these glue pens! Thanks for sharing.