call it luck 5

yeah yeah yeah!

i get to start off our TOMBOW TEAM-UP with FANCY PANTS DESIGNS!

also, as this is the week of St. Patrick’s Day i also get to be first to post irish greetings (don’t worry, i really am irish, it’s legit!)

i have been an admirer of Fancy Pants for a long time. their styles are fun and fresh, and even if the theme doesn’t match my pictures exactly, somehow they still manage to work and i love the end result.

here is a layout i put together to document my children’s sense of balance or lack there of. it is a funny anecdote that i like to share about the stacking tables in my living room, so i thought i had better put it into my scrapbook so i will always have it, because it may not stay this way…for better or for worse. (now to search for the perfect picture to go with it!)

the line that Fancy Pants was so gracious to pass on to me was “to the moon“. fun aliens, great color combination, and excellent way to highlight the “all boy”…

be sure to check out their blog, as they use TOMBOW all week long.

supplies used in “call it luck” – Tombow MONO Aqua Liquid Glue (for the buttons) and Tombow MONO Dots Adhesive Runner (for everything else).

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