Tombow Drawing Pencil Tipnique by Marie Browning

To easily transfer a pattern onto thick paper, such as watercolor paper, make your own graphite paper using Tombow Drawing Pencils.

Take a copy of your pattern (My favorite is source is copy-right free Clip Art from Dover Publications) and with a 5B Drawing Pencil, cover the backside of the pattern with graphite.

Use Removable Adhesive and adhere the pattern to the paper you will be working on. With a 4H or harder Drawing Pencil trace the pattern.

When you lift up the pattern, you will see the image transferred onto your paper. With this project I inked the traced image with a permanent pen. I then used a MONO NP Eraser to remove the traced lines.

I finished the artwork with a Dual Brush Pen splash background and colored the violets with Irojiten Colored Pencils.

It’s that easy! Try it the next time you need to transfer a pattern onto a surface! Join us again for more Tipniques!

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