Rainbow Letters using Irojiten Colored Pencils 2

Hello friends, it’s Smitha here with a new blog post! Who is in the mood to create a rainbow of their own? Let’s pull out those colored pencils shall we?


Material list:


Step 1:

Begin with a rough pencil sketch of your letters using a light pencil that is easy to erase. I like the 4H pencil for this. If you are not comfortable free handing the letters, you can also trace a print out.


Step 2:

The best way to create rainbow letters is to use a pre-selected dictionary of colors. I love this Vivid set of colors from the Rainforest set. There are a total of 9 color dictionaries available so pick the colors that make you happy.


Step 3:

The fun begins!

Erase your initial pencil guide lines lightly before adding your colors. Start by coloring the top corner of the first letter in a diagonal angle. I used a white typing paper to create the diagonal line but please use a ruler. After that I just repeated that step till I had distributed all the colors. Slightly overlap your colors as you go to create a smooth even color transition.


Step 4:

Proceed in this manner coloring in stripe after stripe of color. This is actually very relaxing once you get in the groove. For the bottom half, I got smarter and drew in marks of all my colors at once and then sat down and enjoyed  my coloring all at once.



And I love how colorful these rainbow letters turned out! My one big tip to you is to not have your pencils super sharp. If the tip is slightly blunt I find it easier to blend and color in larger areas. Let me know in the comments below what you think of this idea!

Happy Lettering!



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