How to Decorate Gifts with Fringe

Decorate Gifts with Fringe by @thediyday for

Hello, Renee from thediyday here to share an easy way to decorate gifts with fringe!  Sometimes I don’t have the right gift wrap or gift bags on hand, so instead of making a pit stop to the store, I will often upcycle materials around the house.  This is where my papercrafting skills come to good use.  See how I transform a plain and ordinary gift box, into a decorative one with fringe!


Decorate Gifts with Fringe by @thediyday for

Step One

First, trim the decorative paper into strips, 0.75″ wide. If the area needs a large amount of fringe, consider making the paper strips wider. Then, with fringe scissors or regular scissors, cut approximately 3/4 up the pieces of paper from end to end.

Decorate Gifts with Fringe by @thediyday for


Step Two

Second, trim the strips to the size needed to cover the box. Then, glue the strips, starting at the bottom and working to the top. I am using the MONO Aqua Liquid Glue because the pen tip is great for fine areas but also because it’s permanent and dries clear – perfect for embellishments.

Decorate Gifts with Fringe by @thediyday for

Step Three

Since the base of the box is complete, it’s time to work on the lid. I decided to leave the lid fairly basic. I cut and glued leftover pieces of the decorative paper for the top and sides of the box.

Decorate Gifts with Fringe by @thediyday for


Step Four

Next, with my Fudenosuke Brush Pen I lettered ‘thank you’ onto the gift tag. I noticed the gift tag was a bit too plain.  So, I added a piece of leftover fringe.

Decorate Gifts with Fringe by @thediyday for


Step Five

Last, with my ribbon I made a basic shoelace bow and glued it onto the tag.  I was debating whether or not I should fan out the fringe to give it added dimension or leave it as is, I chose to leave it.

Decorate Gifts with Fringe by @thediyday for Decorate Gifts with Fringe by @thediyday for

It’s so fun to decorate gifts with fringe.  Next, I will try this technique on a gift bag!  What else should be fringe-dazzled?


Thank you!




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