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Are you ready for Halloween? It’s sneaking up fast!

Hey guys, It’s Katie here and today I’m sharing with you an easy guide for drawing potion bottles! These witchy little bottles would be perfect for adding onto Halloween cards or a spooky themed task journal layout.


How to Draw Potion Bottles:

I think potion bottles are really fun to draw because you can make them in crazy shapes and fill them with bright liquids, bubbles, or stars, etc.

Step one:

Follow the guide in the photo below to sketch your own potion bottles:

You draw the shape of your bottle, a circle or a rectangle, or something crazy, and then add a stem at the top and a cork! Feel free to experiment and add a crystal instead of a cork, or add a base to the bottom of the bottle.

Learn how to draw potion bottles with @studiokatie & @tombowusa! #tombow #drawing #halloween

Step two:

Now that you’ve mastered how to draw potion bottles, let’s add some color! I sketched out half a dozen different bottles onto mixed media paper using the 05 MONO Drawing Pen.

Learn how to draw potion bottles with @studiokatie & @tombowusa! #tombow #drawing #halloween

Step two:

Next grab you 1500 Series Colored Pencils and start coloring! I love working with these pencils – they have a perfectly centered core so the lead sharpens so easily and never breaks on me.

Learn how to draw potion bottles with @studiokatie & @tombowusa! #tombow #drawing #halloween

Step three:

Cur out your potion bottles and use them on your projects! I think I’ll be making a really cute Halloween card with a couple of these.

Learn how to draw potion bottles with @studiokatie & @tombowusa! #tombow #drawing #halloween Learn how to draw potion bottles with @studiokatie & @tombowusa! #tombow #drawing #halloween

I also wanted to give you guys the opportunity to download my potion bottles as a printable! Just click the link below to save the file and print them out to use:

Printable Potion Bottles

Learn how to draw potion bottles with @studiokatie & @tombowusa! #tombow #drawing #halloween

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  • southpawdoesart

    I just want to say that you guys are doing everything right at the moment, short of some sort of slim binder accessory with places for Tombo markers on one side and a slot for a paper pad on the other. You guys have marker cases, including the large marker case, you do regular interesting crafts lessons to keep people having fun with the markers, you remind people in email of your craft lessons and give pictures of the results, your new ten pack markers include the blender so they are actually useful when you get home unlike every other marker pack in the world that never includes a blender. You guys are doing amazing. And I saw that skin tone pack… I mean short of a steampunk and skintone mix pack with the blender… wow, you guys are seriously doing everything right.