Impressed Color Drawing TipNique by Marie Browning 4

This drawing style uses Irojiten colored pencils and a technique that marks impressed lines on the paper with an embossing stylus before applying the color.
For the paper, I used a smooth, hot press watercolor paper. I then transferred a design to a piece of tracing paper to make the pattern. Tape the pattern onto to the watercolor paper and with a heavy hand; trace the pattern with the embossing stylus.Remove the tracing paper pattern to reveal the impressed line outline of the design.
 After the main lines were impressed, I removed the pattern and added the filler design lines. I did this free hand without using a pattern and pressed hard to create the deepest impressed line possible.
I then start shading and adding color to the design. It’s kind of magical to watch the lines appear and stay white even with the hardest shading pressure. I go over the edges of the motif to make the lines show up best. It also adds a fanciful effect to the drawing.
The last shading uses darker colors and the heaviest shading to create the finished look. Do not be afraid to add lots of layers of different colors and darker hues for the most interesting drawings.
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