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We don’t know about you… but we are feeling… STICKY U

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We are SUPER EXCITED to announce our newest Sticky U member,


Jen Goode describes herself as “a professional creative, “meaning feed my family by earning my keep creating – I’m a illustrator, designer, artist – with a McGuiver mind.”
 She is constantly experimenting with cooking and hordes recycled goods with no pre-plan. She goes throughout every day trying to learn something new as she runs her own business. Jen likes to draw a little and then try to share it all with her family.She says, “100 Directions is my place to document creative inspiration, brainstorming ideas, business insight, travel tips, food follies, life moments and occasional wonky thoughts.” Jen is a regular girl with buckets of room for improvement. But she is passionate about inspiring others to find their own creativity, whatever it may be. E
Jen’s Advice is, “Explore, try something new, reach beyond your comfort zone or do something that makes you laugh ’til you think you might pee. You only live once, so it better be something you are proud, regret nothing and learn something new every day along the way.”
Check out this cool Halloween Bat Hanging décor she created for Sticky U:


You can see just how Jen created this hanging Halloween Bat décor by clicking here!

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