Sweet Stamp Shop Monthly Plan With Me 2

Hi Tombow friends, it’s Dani from @popfizzpaper with a cute and spooky plan with me featuring Sweet Stamp Shop! I enjoy using stamps in my planner so I thought it’d be fun to share with you some of my tips and tricks. I created a video of this plan with me below so you can see the stamping in action. You’ll also hear about my favorite products for stamping in my planner. Enjoy!

Sweet Stamp Shop Tombow Plan With Me PopFizzPaper #pwm #sweetstampshop #plannerstamps #tombowusa


Sweet Stamp Shop Tombow Plan With Me PopFizzPaper #pwm #sweetstampshop #plannerstamps #tombowusa

This spread turned out so cute! If you’re curious how I created full boxes full of stamping, make sure to check out the video above for a quick and easy trick! I’m a white space planner girl, so I really enjoy having room to write things down as they come up. The stamps help important things stand out and the colors are coordinated to let me see at a glance what’s going on. See below for close-up pictures of my spread!

Sweet Stamp Shop Tombow Plan With Me PopFizzPaper #pwm #sweetstampshop #plannerstamps #tombowusa

I think the Banners and More stamp set is perfect for adding in bills, appointments, and deadlines. I used Tombow Dual Brush Pens to color in the stamped images and a Tombow MONO Drawing Pen in 03 to fill in information.

Sweet Stamp Shop Tombow Plan With Me PopFizzPaper #pwm #sweetstampshop #plannerstamps #tombowusa

And that is it for today’s plan with me post! I hope you enjoyed this Sweet Stamp Shop plan with me. Thank you for watching my video! I hope you got some planner inspiration and learned some new tips for stamping in your planner. For more planner inspo, check out this post by Jennie and please tag me @popfizzpaper on Instagram if you do some stamping in your planner  – I would love to see! Happy planning!

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2 thoughts on “Sweet Stamp Shop Monthly Plan With Me

  • Thanh

    Such a sweet layout and I love that tip you learned where you use post it notes to create your own decorative elements within the boxes! I’m a big fan of white space, too. #functionalplanning all the way! Thanks so much for featuring such a fun spread, Dani.