Bo-Bunny and Tombow turn trash to treasure! 17

After a recent project, I was left with lots of plastic cylinder containers. They have been sitting in a box in my studio taking up room but I was very hesitant to add them to the land fill…when I saw the beautiful papers from Bo-Bunny I had an epiphany; decorate the containers with these beautiful papers and matching stickers to hold various creative materials in my studio. So if you hate throwing packaging away, use this repurposed ‘trash to treasure’ idea!

Any cylinder container can work for this project – oatmeal, coffee and potato chips all come in cylinder shaped containers. I really liked these clear ones as I can see at a glance the contents. These beautiful matching papers from Bo-Bunny are perfect!

1. Remove any unwanted labels. I only had to remove the white tag at the bottom as the paper covered all the others. I use a 80/20 blend of rubbing alcohol and Goo-Gone, it works great on all plastic or glass to remove labels and permanent marks. It also cleans and prepares the surface for a good adhesive bond.

2. Cut the paper in strips, my sizes were 10” x 3” and 10” x 2” for the label, 10” x 1/2” to cover the lid’s band and a 3” diameter circle for the top of the lid.

3. Use MONO Clear Adhesive to make sure the paper strips hold onto the slick plastic surface, as well as providing an invisible bond.

4. I used the matching stickers to embellish the containers, but the sticker did not hold well on the curved surface. A simple solution was to use the MONO Multi liquid glue to make a more permanent bond. Rubber bands held the stickers in place as the glue dried.

5. I filled the finished containers with some creative materials I use, shells, crushed coral and sea glass. For extra accents, I will be using the MONO Multi to attach a sample of the contents to the top of the lid.

Gift Bow

Continuing in my recycling manner, I solved another problem. Instead of going out and buying a bow for the top of a gift, I created one with my scraps left over from the Bo-Bunny project.

I used the instructions for ‘Green Crafting Gift Wrap Bow’  from and cut the Bo-Bunny paper into 3/4” strips. Instead of holding the bottom of the brad with your teeth as the instructions recommend, I used a hemostat to hold the pieces in place. It’s amazing how many times I use this handy surgical tool for a third hand in my studio. You can find them at surgical supply stores.

A quick spray of Gold Glitter mist gave a beautiful sparkle to the finished bow. I used MONO Adhesive Power Bond to attach it to the box. The lettering on the envelope used three matching Dual Brush Pen colors.

Be sure to comment this week, lots of prize packages and you can even head on over to The Bo-Bunny Blog for more Bo-Bunny/Tombow Team Up Inspiration!

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