stamp runner and foam tabs…in love 2

quick post today my friends!

just wanted to share the first two NEW adhesives i tried out.

for valentine’s day (you don’t mind taking a step back a few weeks do you?) i made some simple cards for my family. i was so excited to have the new Foam Tabs and Stamp Runner Dot Adhesive with me. after using a fun new stamp to get the image i wanted i cut it up, then pieced it back together on the front of my card using the both the Stamp Runner with my favorite Dots, and the Foam Tabs. the Stamp Runner was super easy to use, and added the little bit of adhesive i needed on the skinny little paper rings. as for the Foam Tabs, i liked that the whole sheet is usable, that i could use one at a time or take four to make a larger tab. these handy little guys also held up to their “crush resistant” claim. to sneak these back into the house i had to stash them in my purse. left them there overnight, sandwiched between my wallet and overstuffed planner. a couple of days later i pulled them out and they were looking as good as when i finished working on them.

so these two new products got a “TWO THUMBS WAY UP THERE!” from me.


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