easter pics…by sarah little

my ABC challenge for the month…yes, another layout.

these pictures of my kids are from Easter 2008! oy…i couldn’t get the two of them to cooperate. i didn’t get a decent picture that day. i’ve held onto these pictures for several years because i didn’t want to scrapbook them. i was too frustrated with the way they came out.

but now, looking back…THEY WERE SO CUTE! still frustrating, but cute.

i had my goodies still out from last week’s team-up with My Mind’s Eye, so I kept going. so many goodies to work with.

this is layout #10 for the year. if i’m going to keep on track i better step up the pace…

remember the picture i used last week? yup, well the same equation worked out for me again this week. Tombow + My Mind’s Eye (- the box) = Creativity Galore

i still had out my Tombow MONO Permanent Runner and Tombow MONO Multi Liquid Glue. i remember a time when i was afraid to use liquid glue when putting paper and paper together. it always warped and got wrinkly. but on this layout i used Tombow MONO Multi Liquid Glue to glue down the “jaggeed” edges of the left border. it was easy to get a small dot of glue underneath.

enjoy your spring and Easter events…and may your pictures come out better than mind did!



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