Doodling and Drawing Again – with Jennifer Priest 1

Doodling, drawing, coloring with markers…did we not do all of these things as children and teenagers? Growing up and getting into scrapbooking, I feel like I had forgotten what it was like to draw.

The best way to get back into doing something you love (or trying something new) is to just start doing it. Gather a few Tombow Dual Brush Pens and some white paper and start playing. I’m not showing you the pieces I threw out (believe there were a few) but the pieces I loved, I kept and turned into card fronts.

This heart was just a doodle that I started and colored in. Then I added shading with another pen in a similar color. Next, I added a messy outline. The messy outline is a nod to my friend Joanne Fink, whose Zenspirations lettering and drawing method uses multiple outlines as a way to disguise mistakes and also add depth to an image.  I really enjoy how the outline gets darker as it overlaps the other colored parts of the image — its like watercolor!

I love to ink the edges of paper with ink pads, but, since I had none that were these colors, I decided to use the brush tip of the Tombow Dual Brush Pens  blending the colors just as I had blended them in the drawing of the heart. I added a little sticker banner and there it is — a simple doodled card. And now, I want to draw!


Is there a craft or art that you used to do but don’t anymore? Do you doodle or draw? Try it today–its never too late to discover something new :)Thank you for stopping by,
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