Spring Training Blog Hop with Operation Write Home

Hello!! Welcome to the Operation Write Home Spring Training Blog Hop!! Operation Write Home’s mission is supporting our armed forces by sending blank handmade greeting cards to write home on. 

You probably came from the My Favorite Things blog but if you just happened to stumble across this blog go to the OWH Blog to start!!

 The theme for this hop is masculine cards with a few tutorials on the way. My tutorial is to make a bow tie. You can use these in the famous Origami Shirt Cards, by itself or even in girly cards.

 Here are the steps to make the bow:

1.       I used the Chevron Stripes Ribbon from May Arts (1.5 inches) to make this bow tie. First you need to fold the top and bottom of the ribbon back, the Mono Adhesive Dots will keep the bow perfectly in place while you make it. **I don’t recommend using a liquid glue since it could affect the look and texture of the ribbon and therefore the bow.

2.       Fold the sides to the back.

3.        Using a smaller piece of ribbon fold it just like in step one. Then use theMono Adhesive Dots to place that piece of ribbon over the first one and sew the back tightly to keep the bow in place and give it a more defining shape.

4.        This bow is smaller than an inch and a half but you can play with different ribbons to make bows of different sizes. To glue it on the card I used the Mono Multi Liquid Glue.    

I hope you enjoyed my post!!

Take Care!!

Comment on this blog post for a chance to win the Tombow Adhesives that I used to create this card!

Mono Multi Liquid Glue
MONO Adhesive Dots

MONO Adhesive Dots Refill

The Winner will be announced Wednesday! Thanks for blog hopping with Tombow and Operation Write Home!

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282 thoughts on “Spring Training Blog Hop with Operation Write Home

  1. Lisa Niles

    How cute is that bowtie? Too cute! Thank you for the instructions on that cutie embellishment. Can’t wait to make one.

  2. Dee

    Great card, will work great for a birthday card for someone who loves bow ties or needs inspiration / encouragement .

  3. Paula Zduncyk

    What is more masculine than a tie? Bowties… are great for those wedding cards and prom too!

  4. Jil-Anne Essinger

    How cute and how simple (it looks to be anyway, we’ll see when I try it!) Thanks for sharing such a cute idea, not only for our soldiers but for any man in your life.

  5. Darci Powers

    the bowtie & ties are sooooo cute….something even I can make! thanks for showing us how! I need my TomBow Mono Adhesive tool like I need air, can’t image life without it!

  6. Susan T

    Thanks for sharing. I love tombow products! Time to go join in on the fun. Thanks for the inspiration. Great ideas.

  7. Gail

    Absolutely LOVE the bow tie!! Thanks to the generosity of a wonderful friend, I have some of this ribbon — bow ties will be constructed today! Thanks for the GREAT inspiration!

  8. Jean Sundquist

    What a fun card! I love Tombow products and use them all the time on my cards for OWH.

  9. Sandy Gregg

    Your bow-tie stand out on the card and so easy to make! May Art Ribbon and Tombow, two of my favorites. TFS

  10. Jennifer Scull

    that bow tie is just too cute! I must tell you that I can not craft without my green and white bottle of multi liquid glue sitting on my desk beside me! I even keep a spare bottle so that I never run out! grins!

  11. Lisa Oliver

    Adorable and masculine all at the same time! I use your mono adhesive tape runner and multi liquid glue so much that I don’t even bother to put it away! Thanks for supporting OWH!

  12. Melissa T.

    I love seeing how easy it is to make a bow! First glance made me think it would be far more complicated, yet you made it look simple. Thank you for sharing and for your support of Operation Write Home.

  13. Cilla

    Super cute card! Thanks for the bow tutorial and which adhesive to use where is very helpful.

  14. Nicole R.

    Thank you for sharing this cute and easy idea! I was always curious how these were made.

  15. Penny Laschanzky

    that tie card is too darn cute and fun! sure to bring smiles to faces of those who receive!!!

  16. Stacy Buller

    What a great little bow tie….would have never thought to make one myself though…so thanks for the tutorial. Also loved the advice about which adhesive to use. I am never quite sure with ribbon what will work and what will not alter the look of the ribbon. Thanks Tombow!

  17. Sharon S.

    What an easy way to make a bow tie. I will give that a try. I use your Mono multi liquid glue on many of my projects — I’ll have to try your glue dots. Thanks for supporting OWH and our heroes.

  18. wendymc

    Gah – that bow tie is just too stinkin’ cute! Thanks for the great idea, and for the chance to win some fabulous goodies.

  19. Keni

    Ohhhhhhhh this card is so perfect for the plastic surgeon I used to work for. He still wears bowties!! I LOVE IT!!! And such an easy technique to create such an elegant bow!

  20. Nancy

    What a fun and cute bow!! Sometimes I like making embellishments to keep on hand while I am watching TV with the family. It would be so easy to pre-make a couple of these and have them ready for a cute card. Thanks for sharing and THANK YOU for your awesome support of OWH!!

  21. susan

    thanks for the bow tutorial! I made a bow like this last week and it didn’t go so easily! lol!

  22. KimP

    Thank you for partnering with OWH. I am grateful for the lesson on bow making. It’s true, each father is unique!

  23. calamityjane

    This is so much fun!! Thanks for the wonderful idea and sharing in OWH’s blog hop! I love Tombow too!

  24. Joan L

    Making a bow tie from ribbon is a great idea for a quick and easy masculine embellishment. With my stash of ribbon, I can make some wild ties! Thanks for the idea and tutorial.

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  26. Aida

    What a real nice card! My husband is a Veteran, he was one of the first to go after 911. He is home safe and sound. He always likes seeing what the troops get from back home now a days. He never had anyone send him goodies boxes or wonderfully homemade blank cards. We thank you as a family for the wonderful people that have these projects for our troops, they are very lucky in deed.

  27. Christine Newman-Aumiller

    How interesting! Any ribbon could be used to do this, and as we all know “Bow ties are cool!”

  28. Corysnana1

    Where would my cards be without Tombow?!? Glad you are participating in this worthy organization’s blog hop.

  29. Michele M

    Thanks for the turorial and the great tip about not using liquid glue when making the bow tie. I would have automatically reached for a liquid glue if trying this myself. Thanks, too, for supporting OWH and our Troops!

  30. Paula S.

    What a fun idea! I know a bow-tie wearer who will definitely be getting a birthday card using this technique. Thanks to Tombow for being such a loyal supporter of Operation Write Home!

  31. Shannon

    Bowties! What a great idea for a guy card. I’m usually stumped when having to make a guy card. Love it!

  32. Mary Esther

    Thank you for sharing your bow tie card and technique! I am always looking for new card ideas for boys/men!

  33. conil

    Cute cute cute…I can see this bow on many different cards too. BTW, Tombow adhesive is my very favorite ever.

  34. Lucy

    LOVE the ties. Thanks for the great idea. It can certainly be used for many occasions. Thanks for participating in the hop and supporting OWH.

  35. Crafty Math Chick

    Thanks for this cool bow tutorial! I love your adhesives and your markers as well! Thanks so much for sponsoring this hop and supporting our troops! As a military spouse, my hubby and I especially appreciate it! :)

  36. Ginny

    These cards keep getting better as i hop along!!
    thanks for the tutorial and for the chance to win

  37. Diana

    This is such a good idea on using the ribbon to make the bow. I will try this method.

  38. Kat Wishard

    Love the OWH project and this card, thanks for sharing both! Love Tombow adhesives it would be great to win!

  39. Joan K

    Thanks for the practical tutorial for this bow – always happy for one that does not require great tying skills! Love you adhesives too!

  40. Sybrina K

    What a clever combination of images and sentiment! Thanks for the tutorial on making the bow tie.

    And, thanks for participating in today’s OWH Blog Hop!

  41. Ann M

    What a great card!! Thank you so much for the bowtie tutorial! I can’t wait to try that!

  42. Jill

    Thanks for sharing the bow tutorial. I have used what seems like miles of Tombow Mono Adhesive tape and use your Mono Multi Liquid glue all the time. Thank you for supporting OWH.

  43. Yvonne B.

    Love the bow tie! My 14-year-old son has a thing for bow ties and usually helps me with the Origami necktie cards for OWH Father’s Day! Looks like we have a new project to try! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us for the hop!

  44. Tery

    love the new way to make bows/ties … will definitely adopt this technique over my sad, sad hand-tied and floppy bows! thanks for the great tutorial and new masculine card idea!

  45. Verna Angerhofer

    What an awesome card making use of those fabulous ties. Love both styles of ties used on this card.

  46. Sarah

    Oh wow– I adore the little bow tie–that is oh so sweet! Love it! You are so right it will be absolutely perfect on the origami shirts!

  47. Kim C

    p.s. Your products are da’ bomb and your adhesives are just the perfect tool for my cardmaking.

  48. Janet Cobb

    This will be a big help for ideas to use some of my ribbon stash, especially for masculine cards.

  49. MaryLouH

    thanks for the tip on making a bow tie. I make greeting cards and I can see a lot of uses for the tie.

  50. Kathy T

    Thanks for the bow making tutorial. I can use it as an embellishment on many of my cards.

  51. joy

    Cute idea making this bow tie; it’s got my wheels spinning about which ribbons I want to try this out with for my projects. Thanks for sharing in this blog hop to support OWH!

  52. Jo Ann

    Such a cute card – love the bow tie so much – thanks for showing us how it’s done!

  53. Kathy A.

    I love my Tombow adhesives… plus have used Tombow markers for nearly 15 years. Love the firm tips and assortment of colors.

  54. Carol L

    That is some very cool ribbon you used for this cute bow tie! I never realized how simple it is to create one of these, but I’m inspired to give it a try now! Thanks for supporting OWH by joining this blog hop and sharing your cute card!

  55. Lynn G.

    Just love the card. It will be a nice card for my niece and nephew to give to their Dad. Thank you so much for sharing!

  56. Debbie Caldwell

    Totally CASE(ing) this card…I love love love it. What an cool idea!! Great card/

  57. Anna

    I have a friend who wears nothing but bow ties, I’m surely going to do this one! Thanks a milion!!!

  58. barbara lassiter

    This is one neat bowtie and I love that you can make it with ribbon and Tombow!!!!

  59. AundriaB.

    Cute bowtie & card & so easy, too! Thank you for sharing this tuturorial and for your support of OWH!

  60. Linda T

    What a good idea for a great masculine card. Thank you for the inspiration. I just love it.

  61. Missy G

    That little bow ties is so cute! Love the way this makes ribbon so useable on a masculine card!

  62. Susan

    What a GREAT idea, using the ribbon to make the bow tie! I love this layout and I will be making a few Father’s Day cards with it!

  63. Rufus

    That bow tie is just adorable! I can see using it on all sorts of things. Love my Tombow Mono Multi glue. Thank you for all your support of OWH and our troops!!

  64. Lee Anne Owens

    Thanks for the great inspiration, i love using ribbon and this is a nice way to use it on a guy card

  65. Carmen Lucero

    Jennie, I did enjoy your card very much – the bowtie looks fab!! Thanks for the tutoria and for the chance to win some goodies!


    Carmen L

  66. Crafty Aunt Dee

    Great tutorial and such a cute card. Thanks for sharing such a fun masculine card.

  67. DanielleMW

    I have a friend who wears bow ties. I believe he will be getting a birthday card from me using this design. :) Thanks!!

  68. Beth W

    This is such a cute card and I can think of so many ways to use the bow tie. Thank you so much for the wonderful inspiration and supporting OWH.

  69. Michele Smith

    What a cute card! I must admit, one of my issues with cards is getting the ribbon to stick permanently! I usually end up stapling it but will certainly have to try the glue and dots! I love the splash of red with the black and white and the sentiment is so sweet! Thanks for sharing!!

  70. Cyndi

    I enjoyed your card and tutorial. Thanks for your inspiration and support of a great project

  71. Joy

    How cute! love the look of the bow that the chevrons made! Glad to know that I should sure the dots instead of the liquid (which I love.)

  72. Lori

    I like the bow. My first thought is to make my embellies with paper…I need to step out of my box!..lol

  73. MaryBeth

    What a cute card! Your instructions make it look so easy I’m going to make one right now.

  74. Marykay

    Brilliant lil bow. Thanks for the tutorial on how to make them. You make it look easy but im sure i will still get my fingers tied in knots when i go to trying it. I just love that card. One of my fav so far Thanks for sharing

  75. cat

    Cute card. Thank you for letting people know about OWH. God bless our troops and their families.

  76. amy a

    Just love the red chevron! Such a cute idea and it’s great how the combo adhesive holds back the ends of the ribbon so nicely.

  77. Amy#8546(TheTigersHaven)

    Oh I love the ties. Wonderful idea for a masculine card. Thanks for the inspiration.

  78. Amy#8546(TheTigersHaven)

    Oh I love the ties. Wonderful idea for a masculine card. Thanks for the inspiration. cant get enough idea’s for our men.

  79. Christine C.

    OMGosh…. love love Love the bow tie and how simple was that??? Too cute – I soooo need to try that. Thanks for sharing and supporting OWH

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