School Days Memory File 1

To be inspired gives you the inspiration to create, and today I want to share with you inspiration I got from the talented, Jennie Garcia. I’m so inspired by her Project Life projects, so I decided to make a School Days Memory File (1st to 4th grade) for my grandson.

School Days Memory File

Supplies used for School Days Memory File

School Days Memory File

Tombow Extreme Adhesive
Tombow Recycled Color Pencil (white for blackboard)
Tombow Dual brush Pen (#N15)
Tombow Mono Drawing Pencil
Tombow Mono Adhesive Dots
Tombow Mono Aqua Liquid Glue
Tombow 3D Foam Tabs (for elements you want to stand out)
portable reinforcements or eyelets
ribbon, jute or yarn
Craft paper
Fun decorative elements

Instructions for School Days Memory File

The first thing we need to do is glue the envelopes together with the Tombow Extreme Adhesive, I used 4 envelopes, use as many as you like. Glue the closures of the envelopes. (as shown below)

School Days Memory File

Glue on the inside of the closure and attach it to the bottom of the front of the next envelope (the front of the envelopes will actually be the back of this project).

The back side of the file

School Days Memory File

This is the backside of four envelopes glued together.

Gluing the background

Next, cut the craft paper to the size of the bottom of the envelopes. Using your Tombow Mono Liquid Glue, broad tip side, glue around the three edges of the craft paper  and rub the paper to the  back side of envelopes(don’t glue or cover the opening of the envelopes). The pockets can be used for extra pictures and memorabilia.


School Days Memory File

Decorating your Memory File

This is where your creative juices can flow. Use whatever you like to decorate your Memory file, depending on the theme you are using. Since I’m creating a school theme I used elements pertaining to school.

School Days Memory File

I made a blackboard and I used a Tombow Recycled Color Pencil #01 (white) and it writes like chalk! The gold element I have across the pocket of the file is to help  reinforce the pocket (or you can fold the background paper at the top).

School Days Memory File

On this section, of the file, I used the Tombow Drafting Pencil to write the number 3. The white space I made with Tombow WideTrac Correction Tape and I distressed it with Tombow Sand Eraser. You can write the year and teacher’s name in this spot.

School Days Memory File

Here, I used the Tombow Dual Brush Pens and The Tombow 3D FoamTabs to have the little books to stand out.

School Days Memory File

My grandson loved his School Days Memory File and it’s hanging in his room!

School Days Memory File



How to hang your Memory File

Cut the envelope closure. Using a hole puncher, punch two holes at the top of the file and reinforce your hole with portable reinforcements, or you can use eyelets.Thread yarn, jute or ribbon through the holes and tie to a small dowel.

Hope you make a Memory File for the ones you love. Make sure you check out Jennie Garcia Instagram Page!

I would also love to meet you over at my Instagram, Blog, Google+ and Facebook!

Happy Crafting with Tombow supplies.

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