Tissue paper Texture technique for cards 5

Happy Thursday! I’m thrilled to be blogging for the team today from my hotel room in Atlanta Georgia!! I can’t even believe that I’ve been blessed to get to hang out with Tombow and the other DT girls for a few days. Having a blast.

Today I have a fun and simple technique for you. I’m calling it Tissue paper texture. Very similar to the art projects back in the day with the glue and tissue paper and pencil eraser, but more Mixed media-esque. I used it on a fast card today, but you could used in on just about any kind of project.

Some others ideas:
Art Journaling
scrapbook layout backgrounds
cover something in it (Like a vase or jar)
card making
punch it (like I did)

This technique also lends itself well to painting or using mists after it has dried. How about adding different colors of tissue to create wall art on a canvas? I think I just gave myself my next project idea. Below is everyhting you need to know about creating this card here.

Tissue paper texture

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5 thoughts on “Tissue paper Texture technique for cards

  • Jantil

    That sale sounds like fun…let us know how it goes!I alyaws both dread & look forward to cleaning up my supplies for the same reason – I almost make as big a mess again by creating a “gotta use that!” pile 🙂 Love these candles (especially the glow!) and the gold cording for the sentiment is fab!

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