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i am in utah for my niece’s wedding, which is anything but traditional! her fun themes of carnival, polka dots and pinwheels are festive. feeling a bit crafty i offered to make her something…anything for her wedding. she chose something for her new home using a picture of her and her finance. using a picture frame, a cookie wedding cake (made by my so-talented sister) some dowels, a mason jar, toothpicks and split peas i came up with a decorative collection capturing the themes of her big day.

pinwheels have been a project i’ve been wanting to do for a while. when i suggested them for a picture frame i hadn’t even realized that she had made 50 already for the reception. they are super easy and so fun!

to make a pinwheel start with a square piece of double-sided pattern paper (cause both sides are going to be seen)

find the center and cut from the corners about 2/3 the way to the center. you can find the center by folding the square twice, corner to corner OR by using a ruler to draw a line from corner to corner.

once your cuts have been made get out the handy Tombow MONO Multi Liquid Glue. this glue doesn’t clog and it allows a tiny dot of glue at a time, which is perfect for the center of the pinwheels. fold one corner into the middle of the paper. the Multi is tacky and holds quickly, but i put pressure on each time to make sure it was sticking.

when all the corners were down i used an exacto knife to poke a hole in the center, then put a brad through to hold it all together.  (ps. these are not “working” pinwheels)

again, using the Multi i attached the pinwheels to toothpicks for cupcake toppers and dowels for the “flowers” in the jar.

i attached a few pinwheels to the frame using Tombow Power Tabs.

congratulations to my niece and to all the brides this summer.

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