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back to school

i am determined to keep myself and my kids organized with the start of this new school year. they are getting older and can be responsible for a few more things…but it isn’t a bad idea to give them reminders. i was searching for ideas and found this idea on the Family Fun website. I am making a place-mat with a checklist included, so as they eat breakfast in the morning they can look it over and remember the things they need to do getting ready for school. because it is laminated it is easy to use write and wipe erasers or permanent markers with dry erase board cleaner to get it ready for the next morning

you’ll need pattern paper and poster board or chipboard. since i made this the night before the first day of school i used chipboard. i had 2 pieces of pattern paper. i left one a full 12×12 and cut up the 2nd and 3rd pieces of pattern paper so it was 6 1/4 x 12. i laid the two pieces of 12×12 chipboard side by side and adhered the smaller pieces of paper to the outside edges, using Tombow MONO Multi Aqua Liquid glue. then i covered the center with more MONO Multi Aqua Liquid glue and then covered the “seam” between the two pieces of chipboard with the full 12×12 pattern paper. i also used 1″ strips of paper down the side of the full 12×12 piece.  i printed the morning check list on card stock and glued it to the left side of the mat. then i printed a “today you are…” checklist and adhered it to the right side of the mat. both items i used Tombow MONO Permanent Adhesive  .

so whether your children have gone back to school this week or they have another month of summer (lucky!) we hope you have a very

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