Olympic Winners…

Thank you everyone for entering the “Tombow Olympics”. It was so much fun, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

If each of you will contact me at scallahan@tombowusa.com, I will get your prize right out to you….

I think your going to love what’s in the package!!!

This comes with complete instructions from Tombow’s signature designer, Marie Browning, on how to make the same booklet that was used in our workshop at CHA,

Here’s a peek!


We have 4 winners, they are:


Betty Neville


Rosa Vasquez

Thank you again for entering,  we’ll do another contest soon! Until then…

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2 thoughts on “Olympic Winners…

  1. Lizvette

    Yeah! So happy! I don’t participate much in challenges with prizes. I’m so excited to receive those fabulous prizes. Thanks so much! Email sent.

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