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I have been pinning on Pinterest for over a year and I have a BUNCH of boards and pins and not enough time to put them all to use. Ü It IS addictive, but have tried several of my pins esp the recipes.

Now on to the project I am sharing. Over Thanksgiving break, my son and his girlfriend were able to spend the break with us and Saturday, Kassy and I made some Joy blocks.

Here is the Pinterest post that I got my inspiration from. Joy Christmas Sign Word Blocks


 Here is mine. I know mine looks nothing like the one above, but that’s kinda how my mind works sometimes. Ü

I had a bunch of scrap wood from way back when I used to teach wood project classes and  was inspired to make some Joy blocks as Christmas gifts. Kassy made 2 sets, one for her and her mom and I made 3, but am thinking I now need to make more.

Benjamin was a sweety and cut them to size for us and sanded them. We then painted them with FREE tinted (any color we wanted) paint from Ace Hardware. (I don’t know if this is just a local thing or not, but check your Ace Hardware. The promotion is a free quart of paint colored any color you want. I just took in a sheet of designer paper and chose a color one shade darker that matched. I got my paint in Broken Bow in case anyone local is reading this)

Then we chose some fun NEW designer papers by Fancy Pants from their Blissful Blizzard line (except for the carrot nose and it is from Hopscotch. The letters and snowman were cut with my Cricut. Next, we  adhered the letters and snowman on the background papers with Tombow’s Mono Adhesive Dots. After the paint was dry, we adhered the panels to the blocks with Tombow’s Mono Aqua Liquid Glue. We let that dry and then painted over the top with the glue as well to seal it.

After everything was good and dry we added the button with a Power Tab.

If you make some Joy blocks, please share a link with me as I would love to see them.

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3 thoughts on “J*O*Y Blocks By Debbie Fisher

  • Margee'

    Love seeing all of the great ideas, but everyone seems to use cutters now. What about those of us who cannot afford cutters. Can examples of work be done by hand once in awhile?

  • Debbie Post author

    Margee, you can google font templates and cut your own for these. Some scrapbook stores have cutting machines and charge a small fee to cut them as well.