Tulip Tag by Marie Browning 4

This week I created a tag adorned with a pretty tulip stamp from All Night Media.


I started by laminating a book page and cardstock together using MONO Aqua Liquid Glue. It is my favorite for gluing delicate papers, such as a book page, to stronger cardstock. It adheres with minimal wrinkles and if any glue gets on the top, it dries matte and invisible.


After the glue was dry, I stamped on the tulip with black ink. Coloring was easy using the Irojiten colored pencils. The colors included D-11 and DI-9 for the blossom, D-17 and D-16 for the leaves and D-13 and DI-1 for edging the tag.


I further embellished the tag with a small bird image and adhered it with Foam Tabs for a dimensional look. I used the Irojiten colors to make the image match with the tulip.


Finally, rhinestones are added using the Glue Pen. It glues on small items securely with pin point accuracy.


Here you go! The finished tag with additional embellishments and ribbons.




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